Does it happens to you too? Spending half night thinking and not sleeping? 
This night I was thinking about how inspiration come and how much brilliant Pin I see everyday on Pinterest and how much I love to refashion clothes and… Ba-Bam! I decided to try this new thing:

A Pinterest Group Board all about Our Refashion Obsession


SergerPepper A Refashion Obsession Mood Board

open to anyone who want to join and add pins… would you like to be with us? 

Please email me or leave a comment…

 I’ll be glad to add you as a contributor! 


  • Pin anything refashion related (simply inspiring, something refashioned or a tutorial: anything goes!!)
  • No limits of number of pin you can add each day
  • Start following me on Pinterest, I’ll be pretty happy… <3 (an I’ll be able to send you my invitation!)

So: what are you waiting? Ask me to add you!!!
E-mail me, I'll be happy to answer you!

Let’s Grow the Greatest Refashion Group Board in Pinterest… together!!!