SergerPepper Shortening a zipper in 3 easy steps

I was sewing a new dress for LilPotato (PDF pattern to download for FREE !) while I needed to shorten a zipper… I bet most of my readers can do that but I’m sure there’s also someone who still doesn’t know this little helpful frugal tip!

This time I’m not going to fill this post with words, because sometimes an image worth a thousand words!
Question: have you ever found yourself needing a zipper shorter than the perfectly matching by color one you already have? It happens often to me! I have to say that I often buy zippers to restore my stash the longer the better, because I know

How to shortening a zipper in 3 easy steps!

Do you want to learn how? Just take a look to the picture and tell me if it’s not extremely easy!!!
Let me know if you have any doubt, leaving a comment below, as usual!


SergerPepper Shortening a zipper in 3 easy steps

Step 1: measure the desired length
Step 2: stitch by hand the zipper where you want it to stop (bar tack)
Step 3: cut the exceeding zipper
Step 4: admire your perfectly fitting zipper