Fabric Basket with Drawstring Top

We have a small tradition, in our house: when Epiphany comes, Befana (an old poor lady, flying on her sorghum broom, usually with broken shoes) comes and leaves some markers and a pencil case.

If you still don’t catch it, I’m The Befana (at least for my daughter, not for all the kids around the world).

This year, I’ve decided to stay on the frugal side: no zippers, no buttons, repurposed fabrics and strings plus one of the easiest to follow tutorials from one of the most talented blogger, sewist and refashioner I know: Pam, from Threading My Way!

… what? You don’t know Pam @ Threading My Way? Wait… where have you lived until now??? Under a rock? (((Just kidding))) Please go and pay her a visit, you’ll be delighted, promise!

You can find:

Here’s my version:

Serger Pepper - Fabric Basket with Drawstring top


Here’s last year’s one, that now is getting old and stained…

Serger Pepper - Fabric Basket with Drawstring top

I have sewn together with some scraps of denim and a piece of a bed sheet I’ve already used in one of my daughter’s summer dresses I didn’t post about last year… ooops! Will do, promise!

This was my first time quilting: I used a nonwoven (and non-conventional) air filter material (prewashed to be sure it won’t shrink): I have a big roll of it and I think it will be my bag-making batting for a while!
It gives a nice structure, it’s easy to sew and… it’s FREE… and you know how frugal am I.

Maybe you don’t have exactly the same material on tap, but this is to remember you to think outside the box: always look at things for what they can be used for, not (only) for the purpose for which they were designed!

Serger Pepper - Fabric Basket with Drawstring top

For the quilting, I used a contrasting (red) thread, to match with drawstring and lining!

Serger Pepper - Fabric Basket with Drawstring top

This basket went together in maybe 2 hours, from A to Z: really fast and easy (thanks to Pam’s detailed instructions – you can’t go wrong!)
I only forgot to topstitch denim’s upper edge… but it was my fault! I had to finish before LilPotato was coming back home (just to discover I’m the Befana) and simply skimmed instructions instead of reading…

As you can see, the upper drawstring makes this basket really roomy and, when you pull cords, nothing can fall out of it, so it’s perfect for a little girl who goes wandering through the house without paying attention to what she has in her hands!

The only change I would do is make handles a little bit longer: I feel like it would be easier to carry it around!

Serger Pepper - Fabric Basket with Drawstring top