Sheer Plaid Top PDF Sewing Pattern Release Today!

After 3 weeks of testing from The Serger Pepper’s Testers Crew, I’m proud to share with you

my first PDF sewing pattern for sale!

Serger Pepper - Sheer Top Plaid PDF Sewing Pattern Release

As you may know, it’s the Sheer Plaid Top, an oversized short-sleeved kimono top, featuring (optional) high-low hem, a large cowl collar that you can wear off shoulder or more centered.

I’ve decided to keep this PDF Sewing Pattern’s launch price low, just to see how it goes.

If you like it, grab it now as soon as it costs

only $ 2.90!!!!

Serger Pepper - Sheer Top Plaid PDF Sewing Pattern Release


It’s a real bargain, believe me: you can choose between 5 sizes and it comes with an instructions e-book consisting of 15 pages, a step by step photo tutorial with links to more online resources…

Look at some of my tester’s version, if you’re not yet sure: today I’m sharing only some pics, just to show you how versatile this pattern can be… many more are coming next days!

Those are two versions sewn from Bea @ El Blog De La Tata: the one on the left is a white sheer fabric, pure and gorgeous in its simplicity. The one on the right is made with a thick wool and she’s going to use it as a poncho, coat style (she went upsize to ensure fit above clothes!)

Serger Pepper - Sheer Top Plaid PDF Sewing Pattern Release - Beatriz Azuara

On the left you can appreciate Su’s (Slizzy Greensleeves) version #1 (she couldn’t stop and made three Tops!!!), refashioned from a thrifted silk Sari: great popping colors!

On the right, a black and white Sheer Top made by Heather @ All things Kathy: she’s wearing it with a black long-sleeved turtleneck… I like this, it is My Style: Light, Airy and Flowy!

Serger Pepper - Sheer Top Plaid PDF Sewing Pattern Release - Su and Heather

Last suggestion for today (and many more coming next days, promise!) is Federica’s (Ronfotto e Ciottolina) Black Mickey Mouse jersey top: she’s been so crafty that, after sewing her top she added this shining decoration to add personality to her Top: isnt’ it lovely?

You can add any kind decoration to this top, being plain and boxed it’s perfect for huge prints or big decorations!

Serger Pepper - Sheer Top Plaid PDF Sewing Pattern Release - Fede

I’d like to thanks one by one all my delightful Ladies from The Crew, that have been so nice to help me starting this new (to me) adventure, helping me with the pattern fit, the instructions – that now are written in a perfect English (I hope) – and anything concerning this release!

Now that the engine is started, it’s up to you helping me grow and (hopefully) sell some copy of my Sheer Top Plaid PDF sewing pattern, with one of the following:

  • buy one yourself! (this would be terrific and I’m pretty sure it would really help your karma!)
  • share the Craftsy link to the pattern on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Stumble upon…: you choose!

If you decide to buy one yourself (and sew it too….), I’d be delighted if you’ll share your project:

That’s all for today; starting tomorrow, I’ll be co-hosting some of my favorite Link Parties… and I’ll feature some more delightfully inspiring Sheer Plaid Tops from my Sweet Testers…

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A penny for your thoughts...

  1. Congratulations on your first pattern Irene. The ladies did you proud with their versions. It really is very versatile and can be sewn in so many different fabrics. Love it!

  2. Congratulations, Irene, on a successful launch. I have been receiving a lot of nierest in your pattern. Canʻt wait for our next project!

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  4. Your patterns is stunning Irene):):) I just bought it from craftsy to show you some …love:):)
    ( maybe you should have paypal button on your blog to avoid some charges?)
    I know that( even if I would not have it from your testers group) I would bought it any way…
    and its so much wort it!! you made every little steps so clear and well….its best pattern that I have and really have many….so cant wait for the next one:):) best wishes Evie

    • You Are Too Sweet, Evie :)
      Thanks for buying it and for your Love… I truly appreciate <3
      Can’t wait to see your Sheer Plaid Top…
      And, for Craftsy… it’s free of fees! The only charges are from PayPal, and they can’t be avoided also with a button on my blog…. But maybe, lately, when there will be some more pattern, I’ll create a shop here :)
      Hugs xox

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