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As you may know, my busy blogging life isn’t all here, on Serger Pepper.

I don’t know about you, I am a woman that can’t simply say “no” to a great occasion for doing (or learning) something new and, when Hannah @ Made with Hugs and Kisses asked for contributors for a brand new blog all for crafty projects, I applied…

I was flying on the 7th sky because I’ve been accepted!

In Spread Your Wings and Craft we’re collecting all the best posts about crafting, tutorial on sewing, crocheting, quilting… you name it, we like it!

If you’d like to know better the other contributors, I’d really suggest you to read my presentation post, you’ll be able to see our faces LOL
So, this is your chance to be featured:  simply click here and

submit your tutorial,

but do it now!

You only need to send us an email with your name and your blog post URL

(TIP: you can send us more than one!!!)

Still not sure about it? we are adding exclusive tutorials, made only for Spread Your Wings and Crafts so be sure to follow us!


If you’d like to read more, before submitting, I have one more link for you, to a FAQ page
It’s easy as 1-2-3 and you’ll be able to share your great work to a brand new audience, growing day-by-day!



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Hi there! I love sewing, creating my own patterns and refashioning pre-loved clothes... If you love the same things, why not be friends? See you on Pinterest


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