Hands-Free Asymmetrical Bag PDF pattern – Some of my lovely testers versions

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Serger Pepper Hands-free asymmetrical bag testers versions

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Back to business!
My Hands-Free Asymmetrical Bag pattern has been released and, as always happens to me after releasing a pattern, I felt overwhelmed from the huge mass of work is behind a pattern release… so I decide to unplug for a couple of days… that rapidly became a whole week 🙂

I didn’t sit on my hands, believe me, I’ve been busy doing some “dirty job” finalized to realizing my dreams… because I hate to admit there’s a lot  behind what you see here in front end!

I’ve been creating a lot of new stuff: a couple of new free pattern for two different guest post (one is including two new-to-me embellishment techniques… I’m having fun playing with it!), drafting my new pattern for sale (and I’m really pleased to see how it’s going) and learning to use a new program for creating instructions and illustrations.

I’d like to thank Lauren Dahl @ Baste+Gather for deciding to release her PatternWorkshop (again, affiliated link) and all the stuff gravitating around it: I feel like home in her group, so many people eating and breathing computer patternmaking, I can’t believe my eyes for how lucky I’ve stumbled on her!

By the way, I’d like to share with you today some of my awesome tester’s versions of the Hands-Free Asymmetrical Bag PDF pattern. You can notice how versatile is this pattern: so many options available!

Here are some, and many others coming during the next days!
Some of the testers from The Crew are also bloggers, and wrote a review for this pattern on their blogs: I’d suggest you to go and read what they had to say.


Here’s the first one, from Bea @ Las Cositas de La Tata has been so fast sewing this bag that left all the other testers behind: one afternoon of work and: that’s it!

Serger Pepper - Hands-Free Asymmetrical Bag PDF pattern

Her version is a cream, light brown and white mix of fabrics, with yellow piping… it’s like a big ice cream in my imagination!

Serger Pepper - Hands-Free Asymmetrical Bag PDF pattern

I love to see how she appreciated the internal organization with all the pockets full of goodies!

Serger Pepper - Hands-Free Asymmetrical Bag PDF pattern
She said: “I think it’s a bag for everyday use and even children that have been superbly to take to the park with snack and water for children

The next one I’m sharing today is Vicky’s (@ Vicky Myers Creations) turquoise version:

She’s new one of the latest additions to The Crew: I was so lucky to have her testing this particular pattern, she’s The Queen of refashioned bags! 

She’s a creative mind and always sews without following any pattern… this was her first time with PDF patterns!

Serger Pepper - Hands-Free Asymmetrical Bag PDF pattern

She morphed a couple of former skirts into this beauty… look at her zippered pocket and this sky-blue lining

Serger Pepper - Hands-Free Asymmetrical Bag PDF pattern

I love this arrowshaped detail… it adds an interesting touch, don’t you think?

Serger Pepper - Hands-Free Asymmetrical Bag PDF pattern

Let’s hear what Vicky said about this pattern: “I love the originality of this design, with unique design on the front of the bag. It’s great you that the instructions have suggestions about how to recycle former clothes to make the bag, should you wish. This bag has all the pockets you could wish for, plenty of room for your essentials:)”

Last one for today is Evie’s (@ Sewing4Sofia) bag: she made this fabric in earth shades for the outside, adding a custom bold piping matching with the inside:

Serger Pepper - Hands-Free Asymmetrical Bag PDF pattern
Here you can see the back of the bag, with the piping and colorblock detail running straight to the bottom of the bag. She’s so kind that gifted this bag to a friend, for her birthday!
Serger Pepper - Hands-Free Asymmetrical Bag PDF pattern
I love this lining, su busy and bright: office outside, party inside!
She wrote that her 16 years old daughter asked for a Hands-Free Bag too: navy, turquoise and light blue corduroy, lined with candies fabric: yum yum, can’t wait to see it!
Serger Pepper - Hands-Free Asymmetrical Bag PDF pattern
Evie said ” It’s the best item I’ve ever made and I’m so proud!! Absolutely stunning pattern !!!”
… she’s awesome, isn’t she? <3

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  1. cucicucicoo May 10, 2014 at 10:29 - Reply

    Yahh!! You know I wanted to take the pattern course, so I’m definitely not missing out on this deal! Thanks so much, Irene! 🙂 Lisa

    • Mamma Nene May 10, 2014 at 10:36 - Reply

      You’re more than welcome, Lisa: as soon as I received Lauren’s e-mail, I thought to you <3
      I hope you’ll access from my banner… so I can earn something me too 😉

  2. Evie May 10, 2014 at 11:32 - Reply

    Thank you Irene for adding my bag on your blog!!
    It was so fun to make it :):)
    Love the pattern!

    • Mamma Nene May 10, 2014 at 17:18 - Reply

      Thanks Evie! Can’t wait to see your daughter’s one! I love candy lining 😉

  3. Beatriz Azuara May 11, 2014 at 10:41 - Reply

    Good luck with this project, is gorgeous and as you say if you have some experience sowing in one evening is done. I loved the result and when I have a little while I want to make another one like it for my little girl, yes, but the same tiny, she says she wants to go like mom, hahaha, now I have to reduce the size and patterns baby is on sight that she also liked a lot.


  4. Jenya May 11, 2014 at 12:24 - Reply

    Irene, I have seen a few versions of your bag around the blog sphere, and they look absolutely fabulous! Well done 🙂

    • Mamma Nene May 11, 2014 at 15:57 - Reply

      Thanks Jenya!
      Why not doing one for yourself 😉

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