Another week, another project!

Today I’m here showing you a dress designed by a friend and a PatternWorkshop classmate: the Love Bird Dress by MCM designs.

Serger Pepper - Love Bird Blog Tour - mcm DESIGNS

PS: can you spot Daddy in the picture above? He’s making my very first point-presser and clapper 😉

Linda @ The Merry Church Mouse has a few things in common with me, beside passion in designing clothes for girls; one of them is that she works by day and designs in her “spare time”, so I often laugh when I read of her on socials, dreaming of not going to work, and staying at home to design just a little bit more… I can really feel her pain!
She has now 3 dresses in her shop:

and, to celebrate those three beauties, she has organized her very first Blog Tour… let’s party!

I chose to sew the Love Bird Dress: it’s been love at first sight!
This is s one of those dresses like Business up front

Serger Pepper - Love Bird Blog Tour - Office in front

and party in the back!”

Serger Pepper - Love Bird Blog Tour - Party on the back
Right after the Archie Shirt, I did another experiment with not-ordinary fabric choices and my LilPotato was really happy about it, contrary to the expectations of her pessimist mom.

No flowers this time, no pink or violet shades: white, dark gray and yellow… but…. she’s in love with it!

Just FYI:

  • The yellow one is an old bed sheet.
  • The striped cotton was at my parent’s home, protecting from dust some old furnitures, when I saved it from its boring destiny.
  • The dots are printed on a silk fabric (maybe you’re thinking you’ve already seen it… and it’s true! See here!)
  • The buttons come from my mother’s recovered buttons box, I think they were on my first coat when I was a baby, so they technically are vintage 😉

My model’s favorite details were:

  • flounces on the back

Serger Pepper - Love Bird Blog Tour - flounces to the side seam

  • petal sleeves

Serger Pepper - Love Bird Blog Tour - Petal sleeves

  • and the eye-catching heart-shaped cutout on the back bodice

Serger Pepper - Love Bird Blog Tour - Birthday dress

What I loved:

  • the slit that goes through the first flounce, that makes it easy to put on and off

Serger Pepper - Love Bird Blog Tour - Back opening and buttons

  • the step-by-step instructions that guide you through the multiple options

What I changed:

You know, I’m a wild girl… so I love to change things also when they already work, just to have fun.

Serger Pepper - Love Bird Blog Tour - flower girl dress


Basing on finished measurements given in the instruction booklet, I decided that even the shorter skirt version was too long for my frisky daughter, who can’t wear a long-ish dress and feel comfy while she makes her acrobatics. this is why I took off 9 cm (3 1/2″) from the skirt length.

How to shorten an A-line pieced skirt

This is how you can do the same. I’m showing you the process to shorten one of the three back pieces, repeat for the front one (shaving off 9 cm -or 3 1/2″- instead of 3 cm – or 1 1/8″). If you need a visual help, check also this awesome Craftsy tutorial.

Serger Pepper - Love Bird Blog Tour - Shorten a A-line pieced skirt

  1. Draw a horizontal line, perpendicular to the fold line
  2. Cut along this line
  3. Overlap the two portions, taking away 3 cm (1 1/8″) of length (double check you’re removing them evenly along the line)
  4. Tape a scrap of paper below the side seam and smooth it
  5. Cut away the exceeding paper… et voilà!Repeat for the other sections and the front piece and your dress is shortened to the perfect length

To shorten your 3 flounces, just shave off 3 cm (1 1/8″) along their outer edge (the longer and convex one).

Serger Pepper - Love Bird Blog Tour - take a look below the flouncesTo finish the flounces’ raw edges, you have a couple of options: you can either finish them with a serger or your sewing machine. I decided to try one of my new presser feet (the tiniest rolled hem foot) and I’m pretty satisfied with the results!

Serger Pepper - Love Bird Blog Tour - heartshaped cutout dress

LilPotato will be wearing this dress for her birthday (coming soon) and I’m sure she will be twirling a lot (it’s the first thing that caught her eyes… flounces!).

Serger Pepper - Love Bird Blog Tour - Party dress

So, if you like this dress, check Linda’s blog tour: there are so many other bloggers coming during this week… and you even may be blessed by winning a free pattern of her 😉

Linda MCM blog tour