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It’s been a long from the last time I’ve sewn a button-up shirt (it was for me) and when I’ve seen The Archie Shirt, the pattern Jen @ Ainslee Fox Boutique added to OneThimble issue 6, I knew what I was going to sew next!

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Serger Pepper - Ainslee Fox - Archie Shirt - One thimble 6 PDF sewing pattern TITLE

Inside Issue 6 of the e-zine OneThimble, you can find many interesting contents: 10 PDF sewing patterns (the Archie Shirt I’m reviewing here, as well as my OneCardigan (I already taked about it here, and here) and 8 others (the Hannah Dress review is coming soon on Serger Pepper).

As you can read on OneThimble page, inside this rich issue you can find also:

tips for hemming knit, matching fabrics and tutorials on swapping a garments closure to an invisible zip and making kindy sheets as well as articles on interfacing, pleating and heirloom sewing. 

The handmade business articles look at how to write item descriptions that sell, photography as well as much much more!

About the pattern:

The Archie Shirt is a unisex long sleeve shirt with a two-piece collar and cuffs.

The button stand is a separate piece so you can really set your creativity free! Choose between an inverted or box pleat or no pleat at the back.

Sizes 2-10 years, gender neutral (just revert the button up placket left-right direction)

Serger Pepper - Ainslee Fox - Archie Shirt - One thimble 6 - girl button up shirt pattern

About my fabric choices:

I went crazy searching through my fabric stash: I wanted a not-too-girly-but-feminine mix and match…

Do you think I got the result?

Serger Pepper - Ainslee Fox - Archie Shirt - One thimble 6 - colorblock shirt

Me and my daughter love it (while daddy hates it)… It’s bold, indeed, not for the faint of heart 😉

My favorite parts are the flower buttons, the white-and-blue dotted fabric and how the flower print red and blue matches with the red (cotton from IKEA, the one I used for my daughter’s Mei-Tei) and the blue solid cotton fabrics (which is, by the way, a bed sheet I bought because I loved the blue shade!). To add some spice, I used red thread for buttons and buttonholes 😉

Get your copy – OT6

Serger Pepper - Ainslee Fox - Archie Shirt - One thimble 6 - red sleeves

What I changed:

Jen provides great instructions, easy to follow, with step-by-step clear photographs and diagrams.

But… If you follow me from a while, you may have noticed that I can’t follow instructions… I always have to change some little bits, but not because they are wrong: it’s me 🙂

This time I used the burrito technique to enclose the back of the shirt between the yoke pieces, just as I do in my Big Girl Briefs pattern when adding the crotch tab and in my Eriqua dress to line a sleeveless dress.

Basically you’re going to:

  1. sew the back yoke seam, enclosing the back piece between the two yoke pieces (the outside and the inside one);
  2. roll your back and front pieces, separately (the burrito filling), in order to stitch together the front yoke seam;

Serger Pepper - Ainslee Fox - Archie Shirt - One thimble 6 - burrito method yoke

Serger Pepper - Ainslee Fox - Archie Shirt - One thimble 6 - burrito method yoke pin and stitch

  1. turn the whole thing right side out, then press (and edgestitch, if you like ), et voilà!

Serger Pepper - Ainslee Fox - Archie Shirt - One thimble 6 - burrito method yoke press and edgestitch

No raw edges and no stitching in the ditch (and no risk of missing the inside yoke layer whileyou topstitch).

Does it sounds confusing?

Try watching this video for a better explaination!  (see minute 3.37 and following) – or pin it for later!

What I’ve learned:

From each and every pattern I use, I try to learn a new technique or a new way to do something better. In this pattern I think my favorite tips were about:

  • how to do buttonholes that lasts (I used the same tricks for the Hannah Dress – to be posted soon and the Love Bird Dress by MCM coming on monday)
  • cuff slits… I remembered struggling with them with the last button up shirt I made (using Burda instructions) but this time they went together in a snap… and I love, when it happens! Thanks Jen <3

Serger Pepper - Ainslee Fox - Archie Shirt - One thimble 6 - red buttonholes

Serger Pepper - Ainslee Fox - Archie Shirt - One thimble 6 - contrasting cuffs

Wanna see more creations, made using Ainslee Fox patterns? Ask to join her FB group

Or maybe you’d like to join the One Thimble Sewing Enthusiasts Facebook group, for a chance to see many awesome creations popping up on your feed!

Get your copy – OT6
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  1. Amy Mayen April 10, 2015 at 18:09 - Reply

    Not to detract from your cute blouse, or a great pattern(which I want!!)…but I had to leave a comment and tell you that your little model is more stunning every year. i didn’t realize she got your dimples or that she looked so much like you until now. Very cute sew Irene!

    • Mamma Nene April 11, 2015 at 17:25 - Reply

      Oh, Amy… you’re the sweetest <3
      I’m so happy to hear you think she looks like me, I think it’s every mom’s dream 🙂
      She’s definitely growing up and I have contrasting feeling about it 🙂
      By the way, this shirt pattern is fabulous for its versatility and for the detailed instructions so, if you need a shirt pattern, go for Jen’s one
      Hugs from Italy!!!

  2. Pam @Threading My Way April 11, 2015 at 11:55 - Reply

    Fascinated with how you sewed the yoke, Irene. Pinning so I remember where I saw it. The blouse looks great!

    • Mamma Nene April 11, 2015 at 17:26 - Reply

      Thanks Pam!
      I always use this method when I have to enclose raw edges… glad to hear you like it <3

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