Sew a sewing machine cover with these patterns

Now that you’ve read about which sewing machine is better, for a beginner, chances are you want to protect your new BFF from dust and direct sunlight. And what’s better than a sewing machine cover? Obviously a handmade sewing machine cover!
I’ve collected for you (and for me too) a few PDF interesting sewing patterns to create your custom made sewing machine (or serger) cover.

Check the three pictures below… I need a couple of these me too!

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This is my sewing station (all made by hubby!): a long table with my serger on the left and my sewing machine (with a DIY plexiglass extension table) on the right side.

On top, you can see that black thing (what’s its name?) holding my scissors… This has been added the last weekend and I truly love it!

Now, for the bad things… Can you see how bad are my sewing machine covers?

Here’s my handmade sewing machine cover: stained and now too long (since we added the plexiglass extension table).

And that pocket in the front: I’ve never ever used it!

But here comes the even worst part: hateful!

This is the serger cover who came with it when I got it: a horrible plastic cover, all broken on top!

Come on, Irene… Let’s sew a new one! You have a few patterns for inspiration, or you could just design your own

You have a few patterns for inspiration, or you could just design your own. And please stop talking to yourself in third person: you are scaring me 🙂

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