This is a tale about a tuber that feeling of being a bird and his mother (distorted) that go along with this double nature … at any cost …

Oh well, this is to say “poetically”!
On a more prosaic way … went like this: yesterday LilPotato was TKO (vomiting – fever 40-earache and all that sympathic influence gives us every year as seasonal fruits), bounced between bed and couch the clear eye and semi-closed, night half-awake etc.


This morning, as only children can do, I will not say she was as fresh as a rose but waaay better: even better when I offered to wear her Dress Owl, put nail polish and glitter and take some pictures:

(Oh, also some paracetamol does – unnatural distorted mother)

So we did a little shootin’ to share, and then … Travel to school to celebrate the Carnival!

Il Costume da Gufo davanti - SergerPepper by MammaNene
LilPotato, down the stairs like a True Diva

La maschera da Gufo - SergerPepper by MammaNene


Costume da Gufo Davanti - SergerPepper by MammaNene
A rockstar posing owl
il costume da gufo - retro e ali - SergerPepper by MammaNene
Real Owl’s  ALWAYS  flap his wings!


At school almost all the girls were dressed as fairy or princess … Instead LilPotato had a mention as “the most original mask” … I would bet!

What do you think?

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