- mini Stitch-A-Long pencil case

Among my various sewing projects of the last few days (because I never start only one, always two or three or even more) there is this cute pencil-case that I sewed through the mini Stich-A-Long from Il blog di Marta (which do not exists anymore…), which makes available to anyone who requests them the pattern and the PDF tutorial, then publishes on her blog and on FB pics of everyone’s pencil-case.

It’s a really nice idea that I want to share with you!

 Serger Pepper- mini Sew-A-Long pencil-case
So here’s my pencil-case, sewn on a purple jeans pinstripe fabric on the outside and an old duvet cover inside.  
With the same purple fabric I’ve also made a pincushion wrist, very practical, and a sewing machine cover , I’ll also sew soon an overlock cover and maybe a tailor ham (which in Italian is…  Tailor’s prosciutto?) which I have not yet and I really need.
Serger Pepper- mini Sew-A-Long pencil-case
What do you think about it? Let me know, I love your comments <3

EDIT: Marta’s blog is no more online. She was so awesome to send me her pattern and instructions and she gave permission to share them with you… they’re in italian, but full of pics, so easily understandable!
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