FREE Pattern and Tutorial: My Lined Foldable Market Bag – La Mia Borsa della Spesa, Ripiegabile e Foderata

This is today’s tutorial for you: how to easily sew a simple lined foldable Market Bag. Serger Pepper Tutorial how to sew an easy foldable and lined market bag

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What you need: 
  • old bed sheets... or fabric, obviously! Two pieces about 60 cm x 120 cm
  • a little piece of elastic of about 15 cm
  • scissors, pins, sewing machine, thread, ruler, a pen, iron and iron board
  • my measure scheme:

Let’s start:

Take your old bed sheets (already cut with measures above) and fold them in half and then in half again, like this:


You now have a 30 cm x 60 cm rectangle!

Cut out two fabric rectangles like on the scheme and you’ll obtain a strange shape, like this:


Repeat on the other bed sheet scrap (outer)



Now put the two pieces (main and lining) right sides facing and sew around the center hole, like I did (you can leave 1 cm of seam allowances, or sew leaving the feet edge as a seam allowance, like I did: it’s not rocket science, you don’t have to get mad about measurements!) including on the seam near one of the corners a piece of elastic you’ll use to keep folded your market bag:
When all sewn, on corners, clip fabric until you reach the seam, BUT without cutting it!!Then turn inside out and press with an hot iron all around the seam, to give a polished not-homemade look (check how to press seams)

Now the fun part:

We have to roll one side of the market bag inside one of the handles, in order to sew together the main and the lining fabrics, ride sides facing, like this:


Let’s sew, starting from one side seam, finishing to the other side seam (two 90° angles to sew and clip on corners, like we did on the center hole), then turn inside out, taking fabrics out with your hand: ta-daaa:

 Press everything nicely and repeat on the other side (rolling, sewing, turning and pressing, do everything twice!)

Let’s close side and bottom seams of both outside fabric and lining in one seam, right sides facing (remember, you have to leave a gap on the lining bottom, so we can reverse everything inside-out).

You can stop here or, if you like some boxy shape, proceed squaring corners on each one of the 4 angles, like this:

When you’ve turned inside out your bag, you can stitch the gap by hand or, like I did, with a straight machine stitch (lazy girl, I didn’t change the thread color, but it’s on the lining, who cares?)

Your Lined Foldable Market Bag is done.

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You can change measures if you like it higher and thinner,  you choose, this tutorial is ok with any measure! If you’re sewing one or one hundred of these, please share them on my flickr group You can take a look to:

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