I’m right in the middle of a big project: I’m moving (after my Blogger to WP moving … for FREE) also from my little sewing room to a new and bigger one: that means new cutting table, new fabric stash storage, new place for all those pre-loved clothes waiting to be refashioned. And I’m doing it, as usual, my way: spending no money… or nearly!

Here’s my Pinterest board where I’m collecting ideas (as usual there are mostly useful ideas than simply Eye Candy!) about

sewing room re-do


I need help! Could you please suggest me how to fold and keep organized pre-loved clothes? I see all those sewing rooms full of fat quarters perfectly aligned on the shelves, in rainbow order but no one shows how to collect old clothes without your stash looking like a post-nuclear landscape (like is now, in fact!)

I’m thinking about boxes (maybe cardboard coated with fabric?) to be put on shelves… so they can hide inside all the mess!

Any suggestions?

How do you organize your sewing room?

And don’t tell me you’re not hoarding clothes/fabric “just-in-case”, or I’ll feel lonely and diseased XD