Lately, I’ve been busy pattern testing (as well as creating mine)! 
This is another selfish sewing project… It’s a sweet not-so-dress that I’m sure I’ll wear a lot this fall, designed from the indie Pattern Company called “Lolita Patterns”, the same that organized the Fuchsia skirt Sew-Along (the skirt I’ve refashioned from kitchen curtains last march). They’ve called out for pattern tester and I was one of the firsts to answer: how could I loose this occasion?

This pattern is finally available 

both on PDF and paper 


At first sight, I misunderstood it was a shirt to be sewn/tested but then Amity and Nhi clarified it was a dress made with an interlock paneled skirt + a lined short sleeved shirt with or without bounces in front, buttons + button loops and a long invisible zipper along the back… really gorgeous!


One of the original features of Lolita Patterns are cutting labels: you can see them here in action!
They are little paper labels you can cut and pin onto pattern pieces already cut, so you can remember which one goes where and left/right, right side/wrong side. I’m really in love with them, so inspiring! If only I think to all the times I’ve sewn the wrong piece or I’ve put wrong sides facing because I wasn’t able to decide which one was the right side… No more! Thanks Lolita Patterns <3



While I was trying to decide which fabric to choose for the skirt, I realized that I had no interlock or ponte in my stash… mumble mumble… The Refashionista that lives inside me shouted: 

“You have it in your closet!”

So, I took two long sleeved turtlenecks from the drawer (a red and a pink one) and I started to think to color blocking



I ended using only the front/back pieces (I still have turtlenecks and sleeves, ready to be refashioned in one other project… it’s my mantra: never throw out anything!)

And, there we are: pattern pieces pinned on colorblocked knits:

As usual, the ritual shoot above my tailor’s ham, trusty friend and companion of many adventures!


I think the result is pretty good, with that slimming impression a girl never can say no to!



What do you think?
I’d really like to sew one more Sugar Plum Dress, changing some detail: adding bounces and maybe choosing a denim skirt; I love the matching bias detail on Amity’s latest SugarPlum... Maybe for the sew-along it’s going to start soon! Thank you Amity and Nhi for the opportunity, I love your job!