This is the last project for the Wedding Series: My Boho Infinity Scarf, the one I wore with my Mod Dress (FREE pattern available for download), matching to my daughter’s Eriqua Dress (one more FREE pattern) and her Self-Drafted Ruffled Leggings I shared last week.


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This is one of those project that helps you to get rid of all those fabric scraps I always suggest to keep (you never know…) and can help you create a whole handmade coordinated look really spending no money!

I love to wear these scarfs because, due to their circular (infinity) nature, don’t have the typical scarf issue: fall in the ground, at least with one tail, every time you’re walking along a puddle… and, having babies, you can be sure it will happen to you when you have at least three hands full (moms, you know, always comes with 4 hands!)

They’re fashionable and, if you sew them with the same fabric of your dress/top, they can really look like a cowl neck, but with the appreciable feature of being detachable!

I feel like I can wear it with a black turtleneck and skinny jeans for a comfy but still up-to-date look (and more Boho for sure), or I wear it with a dress (Mod Dress or LBD coming) for a sleeker look.

I’ve serged this one on the right side using mixed matching threads but for a more conventional look you can sew it Right Sides Facing!

Do you want to know how to create from scraps (literally)

a Boho Infinity Scarf?

Let’s start this tutorial!


  • fabric scraps (better if they are knit/jersey/old sweater, but you can use some woven scrap too, just mix and match so the scarf will be a little elastic!)
  • thread, scissors, sewing machine, serger (optional)

Serger Pepper - Boho Infinity Scarf Tutorial - materials

First of all, decide how long you want your scarf to be; I liked mine making only two times around the neck, so I took a rough measure of 130 cm; for the height I went for a 40 cm (consider that this is half the finished height, because you’ll have to fold it in half.)

Now cut your fabric scraps into stripes, squares, triangles: it really doesn’t mind, you can go with any shape you like!

You can align them into a strip 130 x 40 cm, just to figure out where you want them and start sewing; as I said I went for a grunge look so I put Wrong Sides Facing and serged on the edges, using a 4 thread stitch and white/black and violet threads, to coordinate to fabrics.

You can simply sew Right Sides Facing with your sewing machine (maybe use an elastic stitch as a zig-zag or a triple straight stitch) or serge Right Sides Facing, as you like!

Serger-Pepper-Moebius-Infinity-Scarf-tutorial-sewing-diy-first row of stitches

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When I serged together those scraps, I realized I wanted a more mixed look, so I cut and sew together one more time, just to make my Boho Infinity Scarf look more patterned


Here you can see how the long strip looks like when it’s all sewn together

Serger-Pepper-Boho-Moebius-Infinity-Scarf-tutorial-sewing-diy-the strip

Then I cut long sides to straighten them:

Serger-Pepper-Boho-Moebius-Infinity-Scarf-tutorial-sewing-diy-the strip straightened

Now, on the fold! Let’s put together long sides (Wrong Sides Facing for me) and sew together:

Serger-Pepper-Boho-Moebius-Infinity-Scarf-tutorial-sewing-diy-the strip fold in half

Here we are, your Boho Infinity Scarf is borning! Now match short sides, giving a twist to the scarf (you don’t want to end with a circle but more like a moebius strip).

Sew together along the short edges: this time I went Right Sides Facing because I couldn’t serge all the seam so a little gap is to be sewn by hand and I don’t want it to be noticeable!

Serger-Pepper-Boho-Moebius-Infinity-Scarf-tutorial-sewing-diy-short sides matching

Serger-Pepper-Boho-Moebius-Infinity-Scarf-tutorial-sewing-diy-short sides matching detail

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Serger-Pepper-Boho-Moebius-Infinity-Scarf-tutorial-sewing-diy-short sides sewn

Turn the Boho Infinity Scarf inside out through the little gap you left and press well, then stitch the gap close by hand

Serger-Pepper-Boho-Moebius-Infinity-Scarf-tutorial-sewing-diy-close the gap

A Boho Infinity Scarf is born,

you have less fabric scraps on your fabric scraps bin and a new wearable staple on your wardrobe: a win-win project, isn’t it?


If you sew your Boho Infinity Scarf using my directions, please share some photos on Serger Pepper Patterns FB group