New Challenge for Diane’s Stitch Once, Rip Twice FB sewing group (would you like to join us and sew with us? Please, do it!) Here you can find what we made in the past:

This time we chose a Fall trend: plaid!

Mad About Plaid Challenge Serger Pepper As usual, I’m sharing my Pinterest inspiration board with you, so maybe you can help me to pick something!

I still have to decide what to sew, maybe accessories (scarf, hat, bag…), Xmas decorations for the tree or something for LilPotato, because:

  1.  I think a whole dress/top/skirt would be too much for me
  2.  I’m planning about refashioning, and by now I have two miniskirts (one in red, the other in black/yellow), a handmade blouse (that is a refashion of a skirt picked from an old aunt’s UFO pile… so technically it would be a second time refashion!) and a classical lumberjack plaid shirt: that means I won’t work with a lot of fabric, unless using plaid accents on a plain fabric.

Mad About Plaid Challenge Serger Pepper

But, stop being selfish!

Let’s lurk what other contestant’s are doing/planning to do:

  • Take a look to Amy’s project at Sews and Bows: she has already sewn a schoolgirl outfit for her American Girl… plenty of details as she always does… I’d suggest you to pay her a visit, and I promise you won’t be disappointed (plus, she’s a GREAT!)
  • Here are Diane’s plans: she will refashion a Glen plaid Large Jacket into a coat, using a really fashionable Butterick pattern and adding some faux leather accent… interesting, will see what comes out!
  • Rachel aka TheHollywoodSew shared a great inspiration post, using images from movies

And what about the others? We are 69 in the group, by now, but everybody is working “in silence”… {Well, in fact me too :)}

What would you chose? I’m really tempted from designing a bag, maybe I should draw a new pattern to share… 

I’m sharing this post on those Linky Parties….