The end of the year is rapidly approaching, it’s time to take stock and recap 

Our 10 Must Read Sewing Posts!

I’ll split them in two: today I’m showing you Your Favorites, then I’ll be sharing mine.

Some (boring) fact about 2013 on Serger Pepper (you’re allowed to skip the at your 2nd yawn!)

  1. I’m so pleased about things are gone here on Serger Pepper: one year ago my blog was already online but I wasn’t really blogging!
  2. I started writing more consistently when I shared my daughter’s Owl costume on February, 1st so I consider it like my blogiversary!
  3. I started blogging on a free blogspot domain then in October I took Deby’s great occasion to move to WordPress for free (thanks sweetie), it’s been a long learning journey, and I’m still learning something new everyday but now: I couldn’t live without blogging!
  4. One other thing that changed on Serger Pepper from the early beginning is that I started blogging bilingual (Italian/English), just to discover, after 9 months of writing every single post two times in two different languages, that Italian readers were a tiny portion of my public (think something like 0,3%, including me, hubby and friends!). I gave up, and started blogging in english and nothing else! I know, my grammar could (and would) be better, but I hope you’ll understand 🙂 I’m always trying to learn something new in this area too – any help/correction is appreciated!!!

Now, into the main topic: Your Favorites from SergerPepper this year, basing on site’s analytics (you can click on pictures to be catapulted to the corresponding pin on Pinterest, and you can Pin For Later!)

5th place is earned by

Serger Pepper - 10 Must Read Sewing Posts - Part One - your favorites - threading a serger

Threading a Serger (Made simple): easy to follow, pic-heavy tutorial, that explain how to thread your serger from scratch. I’ve made it for me one year ago, just to have a way to remember how to thread it when I received a serger in gift from The Red Man with White Beard!

I feel like there’s something reassuring to have it pinned somewhere for future reference, just in case you need to check your threading!

Position n° 4: Lovely Panties!

Serger Pepper - 10 Must Read Sewing Posts - Part One - your favorites - lovely panties

I shared this FREE pattern in April and it suddenly became a huge hit! I am drawing a version 2.0, revised and graded, with a matching tank… but it will be released next year, please be patient!

N°3 goes to My Lined Foldable Market Bag

Serger Pepper - 10 Must Read Sewing Posts - Part One - your favorites - market bag

This is a pattern I shared for FREE on Sunae’s Little Foal Blog, with my very first guest post! It wasn’t a huge hit from the beginning, but it is still attracting a lot of visitors. It involves a nice trick on construction, the same I used on my Eriqua Dress, for lining! Plus, it’s completely reversible: a must, you never have too many!

We’re in the higher positions… here’s n°2

It’s all for a Simple Sewing Task. Fleece Neck Warmer with a bonus Sewing Technique: French Seams

Serger Pepper - 10 Must Read Sewing Posts - Part One - your favorites - neck warmer

This is a big hit, and I think his secret is hide in two words: Simple & Warm!

Drumroll please…this is n° 1

You liked it so much, and still reading it everyday more and more:

10 Best Beginner’s Serger Tips (it comments itself.. would you like to know some more secrets? I have so many….)

Serger Pepper - 10 Must Read Sewing Posts - Part One - your favorites - best serger tips

I’ve collected here some of my best tips for using proficiently your Serger. I have more coming soon, I’d suggest you to stay tuned, maybe you could sign up for my Weekly Newsletter, you can have two – and others coming –  exclusive FREE patterns)

Remember that on Friday I’ll be Guest Posting on TitiCrafty, with our Sew Basic Series, we’re talking about Sewing tools (usual and… unusual!)

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