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I truly love Craftsy, they don’t buy my love and my opinions, they are compensating me for my reviews or endorsements: I’m honest and crystal clear and the opinions I write about are all mine – plus my online integrity is much more important than the small commissions I could get!

Now, first of all, I’d like to thank all the lovely ladies that already bought my Sheer Plaid Top: <3 Serger Pepper - Sheer Plaid Top - it's a PDF patternCheck some more of my Gorgeous Serger Pepper’s Testers versions:This is Kuka and Bubu top. As she says, it’s not that sheer and definitely not plaid (it’s a tiny white heart print I find lovely!) but it’s perfect on her worn with or without a skinny belt! Wanda has sewn this two versions: the first in a violet print, the second one is absolutely sheer and she added a trim along hems, a sweet touch that I personally love! On the left: Becky’s flowery Top (I’m in love with tiny prints); on the right one more version from Slizzy Greensleeves at Sew Much Hope Sew Little Time (she made three!): this one uses fringes from a scarf as hem (smart girl: no hemming required!) and left a super-wide neckline because, using a scarf, had no more fabric LOL

Wait… Don’t you have this pattern? Why?

  • It’s really easy (perfect for beginners who want to learn new techniques);
  • it’s affordable: only $ 2.90 for a basic pattern;
  • can be used in so many ways: it’s the versatility made top!

Oh, I understand, the problem is that you don’t have a Craftsy account and you’re scared from creating one…

You don’t have to, really, it’s easy and costs no money (plus they have so many classes available, and a lot of them are free!!!)

First of all, let’s see what Craftsy is, basing on Wikipedia’s description:

Craftsy is a DenverColorado-based online platform that delivers crafts education, from quilting and knitting to cake decorating and paper craft, via high-definition interactive video tutorials and downloadable workshops. It also offers community project forums and craft supplies, including independent designer patterns. It was launched by the company Sympoz Inc in July 2011, and within a year Craftsy had attracted over half a million enrollments.

For all those that still don’t know it, let’s start today a new series about Craftsy‘s community, beginning with a step-by-step guide about:

How To create a Craftsy Account

Serger Pepper - Create a Craftsy Account

You can either join the community using yor FB personal account (and you’ll be simply redirected to your FB login page) or set a new password for logging in with your emailThey’re welcoming you and asking you about your fav Craft and the frequency/involvement in your passion that will help Craftsy‘s system suggesting you one of their (many) free classes.

Choose your favorite Craft (I choose sewing but, as you can see, there are many more!)…

…answer to some optional short question (or skip them with the bottom right option)You can now enroll the FREE class they’re suggesting you, basing on your answers, or skip to the next step (see the bottom right “No, thanks” link?)

I have to say that these classes aren’t that short or cheap, I’ve seen “a few” of them (as you can see on my page, where you can follow me too, how many classes I’ve enrolled in, until now!) and I truly loved them!

Totally optional, you can customize your name and photo avatar, then you’re ready to go!The system sends you to your Enrolled Classes Page (obviously void now), where you can answer some more questions about your “hobby”, so they can tailor their suggestions.

As usually, you can skip them, as you like (I didn’t: these are rapid questions, no-brainer!)You can now change your display name, your location and a little description about you, just click on the little gear near to your actual Craftsy’s name, mine is info3075925, on the upper left white box (sorry, I forgot to add an arrow there!)If you have a blog, a facebook page, twitter, Ravelry, Etsy, Pinterest, you name it… you can add their URL to see their links displayed near to your account avatar, just to be easier for your follower to find you if they like your projects or patterns

On “My account” tab you can change your password and/or email, if (or when) you’d like to: To buy anything on Craftsy, you have a wide choose: PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Discover system are allowed! And no charges neither for you nor for us Indie Designers…


You can now go on searching their wide range of patterns (can you see anything familiar here?)…

…and classes and a lot of them are for free!If you have a blog and you aren’t on Craftsy, you definitely should consider Joining Craftsy’s Affiliate Program Today like I’ve just done: use this link and I (again) will earn a small commission.

For me this is a way to go on sharing free patterns and tutorials, here on SergerPepper, so I would truly appreciate if you’d consider signing up to Craftsy if you don’t have an account, also if you don’t want to buy my Sheer Plaid Top pattern: being an affiliate, I’ll earn a small commission on every new crafter that sign up through my links!

I hope it’s clear to you that these are all my personal opinions and in no way affected by the affiliate program in itself: I’ve been using Craftsy platform for a while, before deciding to affiliate with it, because I wanted to decide if it was ok for me and it is: I love it, and I hope you’ll do too!

Other Craftsy’s features we’ll see next weeks: Classes, Patterns, Projects, My Craftlets, Craftsy blog (I’m an author for this blog. Here’s my page)