Here we are at Our second date with Monday Craftsy

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Today we’re talking about their classes, one of the most interesting features of this great platform.

What I like about Craftsy Classes:

  • A wide selection of online crafting classes from the best instructors from around the world.
  • Watch your classes from anywhere, from any device with an internet connection.
  • Take them anytime you want, as many times as you want. Your access never expires.
  • 100% Money back guarantee (but I’ve never find a class that makes me want tohave my money back!)

As you can see in my Enrolled Craftsy Classes page, I obviously am obsessed from Sewing classes category (and, lately, I’m following the Photography classes too), but you really can find anything there:

Serger Pepper - Craftsy Classes

Cake decorating

Serger Pepper - Craftsy Classes


Serger Pepper - Craftsy Classes


Most of those categories have both FREE classes and classes for sale: signing up for a Craftsy account, you’ll see that classes are often for sale so, if you feel you can’t live without one of the most expensive ones, you can always wishlist it by clicking on the grey starred button on the left, right below the price tag…


Paper craft


… and buy it as soon as you’ll see it is discounted (or you’ll receive a birthday’s discount or anything else… and I’ve seen a lot of them, otherwise I couldn’t afford to buy them all at their full price!).

Fine Art


Food & Cooking

You can also share your wishlist via email, and buy any class as a gift

Wouldn’t be a great thing if you could sign up yourself AND your mom/best friend?

You could solve a lot of problems while you have to choose birthday’s gifts or Christmas presents… I bet you know pretty well what I mean!


Home & Garden


My favorite Sewing Craftsy Classes

I’m finding really interesting the one I’m watching at the moment: it’s all about moving darts around your bodice sloper to create new and fun necklines… Something tells me my next pattern will use one of these techniques!

You can find it here: 

Easy to follow and really understandable, maybe not for absolute beginners, but you can enroll it after following previous lessons about drafting a basic sloper for the bodice and the skirt and moving darts around to create new interesting designs!

On Valentine’s weekend, I used my coupon to buy this one:

Still have to watch it entirely, but I’ve found the first lesson, all about pressing, really good!


What do you think about Craftsy Classes? Would you be interested in a review of one of the classes I’ve enrolled? Which one would you like me to review for you? Let me know in comments!