I really don’t know if it’s only me, but I can’t resist offering myself for new project so, despite a (time-consuming – more than blogging!) new PDF pattern adventure that I’ve started in january this 2014, I’ve decided to join other great bloggers and crafters in 2 great project that I’m going to present you today and tomorrow, that will add to my monthly contribution to the Awesome Team on Titicrafty (mark your calendar, next post will be Feb, 28th)!
A sweet UK blogger, Hannah (Made With Hugs and Kisses), has created a new blog for crafters and I was chosen to be one of the Contributors. This blog it’s gone live earlier this year (so it’s really in its NewBorn age!) and it’s called

Spread Your Wings and Craft

(guess what’s about…)

It is a crafting community site where we will be sharing tutorials and features, inspirations and ideas… and perhaps a few sew alongs too! To stay tuned, I’d suggest you to follow us on Bloglovin, Twitter and Facebook!

You can submit your favorite craft post and ask to be featured, if you like, contacting Spread Your Wings and Craft!

You can find my contributor’s posts on Spread Your Wings and Craft HERE.
Now, let’s welcome my traveling buddies:

Sheri  from Confessions of a Refashionista

The face behind one of the most explosive crafty corners in the web: I bet she can refashions almost everything! And she teaches you how to do the same, with easy to follow photo tutorials.

See Sheri’s posts on Spread Your Wings and Craft HERE.

Lucie from Love Lucie

She says she can’t sit without something in her hands: she loves to knit, crochet, sew, sketch, cut… On her blog, she shares tutorials to replicate her succesful crafts, but shares failures too… genius!

See Lucie’s posts on Spread Your Wings and Craft HERE.

Claire from I Want To Be A Turtle

She wants a cat, hates pockets and have big plans for her learning journey in 2014; atm she has a sewing machine and she learned in no time how to create perfect outfits.

See Claire’s posts on Spread Your Wings and Craft HERE.

Emma Jayne from Clipped Curves

She made curtains for her house and her family’s houses for a while, before deciding to bite curved seams (hence her blog’s name…)… and now she’s chewing them (well, not literally!)

See Emma Jayne’s posts on Spread Your Wings and Craft HERE.

Lara from Dreaming of Avon Lea

A self-taught sewist and pattern drafter, actually a teacher but she’s dreaming of morphing her passion in her day-job… Best wishes, we’re in the same boat <3

See Lara’s posts on Spread Your Wings and Craft HERE.


Charlie from This Blog Is Not For You

She loves coffee… mmmhh! This is enough for me to say we’re twin souls! Well, she sews and she has drawn a great red hooded cape for which is searching for PATTERN TESTERS… Would you like to help her?

See Charlie’s posts on Spread Your Wings and Craft HERE.

Hannah from Made With Hugs and Kisses

The hostess: self-taught seamstress, vintage patterns lover, patternmaker, the sweetest primary school teacher you might desire for your children!

See Hannah’s posts on Spread Your Wings and Craft HERE.

That’s all for today, tomorrow I’m going to present you my other Contributor’s Project for this year!

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