I’m really happy about how this Basic Leggings is going: I’ve seen you really appreciate the power of having a basic pattern you can customize and use (and re-use) endless times, always recreating something different!

I have to say that create useful patterns is something like my mission: I think that being frugal is also that: re-use a pattern to save money (I know, $ 5.90 is already a really low price but, why not saving more if we can?).

Let’s take a look to what my lovely Serger Pepper’s Testers Crew have to say about this leggings pattern (and let’s see what they’ve created, starting from it): there’s some really interesting option here!

Left: Mary

I can’t believe how fast it was sewing them! And I’m a slow sewer!

Center: Bea

Can benefit substantially from this pattern, you can add seams, zippers, knee pads, buttons on the sides, low pleats, bows, rhinestones, has many possibilities for summer and can be used making them shorter.

Right: Magda

I love that the size range goes almost to an adult size, since I’m little and they are long I am tainted to make a pair for myself. I also like that they can be used as pajamas too.

Left: Fede

Center: Diane

What a fast and easy to sew patternThese are a perfect fit for my daughter and just what she needed for drumline practice!

Right: Evie

Left: Pienkel

It’s a quick sew and according to my little legging-addicted model the most comfortable pair of leggings she has ever worn.

Center: Jennifer

This is a very easy and versatile pattern, perfect for a beginning sewist or advanced!

Right: Alessandra

Leggings are one of the best dress a child can wear. Confortable, easy to wear, quick to wash. Very useful pattern


That’s all for today! You can find more pics on SergerPepper’s Flickr Shared board (/and you can add yours too, if you like)!

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