Do you ever feel lazy when it’s time to write for your blog? I do!

Just to poke myself, when I had the chance, I decided to join this challenge in April, just to see if I can do that!

The theory is: post everyday for a full month… Will I be able? I’m not sure 🙁

I’ve put together something like a calendar for this month, but please don’t expect 1500 words posts everyday from me… I’m a woman, I’m a mom but… I’m human, not a goddess LOL

What I hope to achieve with this challenge:

  1. Become more productive and less perfectionist: I’m that kind of woman that procrastinate forever, fixing last details, changing some commas here and there… just because! I don’t really know why I’m doing that… Need to change!
  2. Make some new blog buddies… you never have too many!
  3. Create a daily habit to write… I don’t want to publish a post a day forever, just for this month but, if I’ll learn to write before and read (I mean read the other blogs around the web, surfing and scanning social media = time consuming to the nth degree) later, maybe I can cut my browsing time while gaining some more creative time!

So, today’s topic is:

Challenges! Do you like them?

I often feel inadequate when it’s time to get into the game, and this is a fact!

I’m slowly learning that, maybe, I’m not too bad in making things (and while I’m writing this I feel like I’m showcasing myself without deserving it…)

When you, lovely readers, share my posts or pin my creations, my reaction is:

“What? is she REALLY liking my work? Why? It must be a mistake!”

But, day after day, I’m making some good friends around the web! I’m virtually connecting with so many beautiful ladies and girls from all around the world that are supporting me and making me grow as a blogger and, most of all, as a person, as a woman!

I’d like to thank you all <3

This is one of my present challenges, and I’m feeling stronger day by day, thanks to the power of the web|

Do you ever feel like this?

Just a side note: if you’re following me only to know more about sewing, you know, my usual tips and tricks, and free patterns and refashions… don’t worry… this blog isn’t changing its direction… it’s only an April Blog boost Challenge!

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