A new episode in my Monday Craftsy series: today I want to talk you about Craftsy Blog, one of the reference blogs for any tutorial addicted, in any field of interest.

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My favorite sections are, as you may guess, Sewing and Photography, but you can find all the following niche blogs:

Cake Decorating –  Knitting –  Quilting –  Sewing – Fine Art – Food & Cooking – Crocheting – Embroidery – Home & Garden –  Jewelry Making – Paper Crafts – Weaving – Spinning – Woodworking – Contests & Giveaways.

Today I’d like to collect here 15 of the best blog posts I’ve read lately about Photography on Craftsy, the ones that better satisfies my needing: I’m always in search of tips to take better photos of products and models, especially for my blog and for writing step-by-step tutorials, and maybe you could use them too!

Every week they create new and interesting blog posts, so this list could be revised later, to stay up-to-date but, certainly, their articles are sort of evergreen!

I’ve decided to collect them here for future reference for me and you: some are slightly more advanced than what I can do actually (because I still am a beginner but I’m trying to improve my skills), while others asks for tools I don’t own… yet!

Photography on a Budget 

Serger Pepper - Craftsy Photography Blog Review budget

picture courtesy of Craftsy.com

… do you really need a comment on this? You know that I am frugal, so this one is really good to me!

How to Get Sharper Images

We all need sharper images for our posts (or family albums), isn’t it? Here are 4 ways to solve all our problems of too-soft pics!

Why Use a Tripod?

And why not, I would add! Here are 8 of the situations you absolutely need to use a tripod.You can have a cheap one, if you’re like me, or invest some more money if you can… just have one!

Understanding Autofocus Points

Serger Pepper - Craftsy Photography Blog Review AF points

picture courtesy of Craftsy.com

Great explanation of what autofocus points are, how they works and what to do when they don’t do their dirty job!

Crafting, Food & Photography: 10 Tips for Better iPhone Photos

Obviously applying to Android Phone world!

My favorite is number 10…

Get the Most Out of Your Camera With the Diopter Adjustment

Serger Pepper - Craftsy Photography Blog Review - diopter adjuster

picture courtesy of Craftsy.com

I knew there was a diopter adjuster on my camera, but never though about using it… and you?

Blurred Lines: Learning the Basics of the Bokeh Effect

One of those effects that can make the difference, all about depth of field (that I didn’t even know it existed, one year ago!)

Capture the Action: How to Use Continuous Burst Mode

This is great to know, if you’re going to take pics of kids, just to avoid to end up with a bunch of blurred pics and/or weird expressions!

The Rule of Thirds: The Secret to Compelling Compositions


Serger Pepper - Craftsy Photography Blog Review - rule of thirds

picture courtesy of Craftsy.com

This is one of the fundamentals, in photography… you need to know this rule, but be aware: rules are meant to be broken, sometimes!

6 Photo Editing Tools You Can’t Do Without


Serger Pepper - Craftsy Photography Blog Review - photo edit tools

picture courtesy of Craftsy.com

A little costly, but well worthy, if you’re going to be serious in photography.

You can always use open source alternatives (GIMP), if you’re a frugal one like me!

Light Modifiers for Your Studio

This one is interesting, but I still need to have anything fancy like these ones listed there… must wait for Santa!

Studio vs. Natural Light: Which Is Better?

That’s a great question… and Craftsy is listing for us all the Pro and Cons for each one… a must read, indeed!

Using Props and Accessories in Your Studio Portraits
Serger Pepper - Craftsy Photography Blog Review - props

To take a great pic with children, props are a must! Give your daughter some balloons or a flower bouquet and you’ll instantly have a better pic’s series… ask me why I know that!

How to Set Up a Home Photography Studio

Six useful tips to create a photo corner in your house… no need it to be too fancy, just doable: you’ll see how much can improve your photo’s quality.

Protect Yourself! How to Copyright Images

Last, but absolutely not least, consider this like a cherry on top of today’s cake: some good advice to avoid other’s stealing your pics… I am by no mean a photographer and maybe no one will ever want to steal my pics but… I try to watermark everything I publish on my blog, you know, just in case!!!!

At this point, may I add just a couple of words on Craftsy Photography classes? I’ve enrolled two, by now, in this field of interest, and they’re both great!

  • The first one is Shoot it!, with Caro Sheridan, specifically created for product photography… really interesting class if you’re a blogger who needs/wants to make better shoots.
  • The other one is a FREE class called Professional Family Portraits: it gives you so many ideas for taking pics of your family, obviously, but also of garments you’ve sewn, worn by you or your models…

You know how much I love Craftsy Classes… and if you try one of their FREE ones, you’ll be hooked, promise!