Today’s post was going to be a tutorial about how-to create your own piping, with my new pattern in mind (it’s a bag! and will be hopefully released next week).

My Hands-Free Bag includes piping as one of the options and I thought that could be interesting for many of you know something more about how to create and apply your own piping, because, if you’re frugal as me, maybe you’re not going to buy something you could easily do yourself: today’s main dish is piping (formerly: corded piping).


if you search the web (like I did), there are So Many Nice Piping Tutorial that… I thought it was better collect them into a Pinterest board (open to be a Group Board, as all my Sewing boards, just ask!) and feature here below the ones that I appreciated more.Let’s go Create Your Own Piping, now!

Serger Pepper - Create Your Own Piping

Clicking on pics will send you to the corresponding pin, I hope you’ll appreciate that you can easily repin each one into your own favorite sewing board!

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Let’s share some

Piping Love

First of all, remember my little trick, stolen from Pythagoras, really useful for cutting on bias?

Serger Pepper - Bias Cut: Lifesaver, Quick & Practical Trick (feat. Pythagoras)Then, you’ll certainly need to know how-to make continuous bias, and Deanna from SewMcCool will help you with this post:

Serger Pepper - Create Your Own Piping - continuous bias

What if you’re going to create your piping and you realize you have no more cording for fill it? I’d suggest you read this great one from Handmade Martini… you’ll be amazed!
Serger Pepper - Create Your Own Piping - make cording

Or this frugal suggestion from SewChibi… inspiring!

Serger Pepper - Create Your Own Piping - make cording

One more great tutorial for creating your own piping is this one from the mythical

Craftsy Sewing Blog:

Serger Pepper - Create Your Own Piping

Maybe you could appreciate a technique that converts the piping flange to a self-finished facing?

There are two shown in this video from Threads magazine:

Serger Pepper - Create Your Own Piping - video


What about adding a nice touch to a lovely pocket you can add to anything (and you should!)?

Check Amy‘s directions on SewsNBows!

Serger Pepper - Create Your Own Piping - pocket

Now, some bonus techniques:

Elegant Musing shows us how-to add a piped bias facing all-in-one to one of the sweetest dresses I’ve seen lately:

Serger Pepper - Create Your Own Piping - piped bias facing

This one needs all your patience, but it’s really awesome! Check this Coletterie‘s Surface Cording Technique:

Serger Pepper - Create Your Own Piping - surface cording

Let’s add some pizzaz to any project with a Faux Piped Binding: Stitch in My Side refashioned a man’s button up shirt just to show us this awesome embellishment!

Serger Pepper - Create Your Own Piping - faux piped binding

Last, but not least: what can you do if you have too much cording in hand? A Giant Doily Rug like Emma did:

Serger Pepper - Create Your Own Piping - giant doily rug

Is that not enough for you? Check now my Piping Magic Pinterest Board!

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