Believe me if I say that I couldn’t believe my eyes when this morning I looked at my kitchen’s calendar (the one where I write everything, I bet most of you do the same, isn’t it?) and saw that I’ve already completed half of this

Ultimate April Blog Challenge!

What? Have I already reached the top of the hill? Now it’s all a downward path!

Serger Pepper - halfway challenge balance

I think it’s time to take stock, and obviously I’d like to share with you my considerations about  this

Halfway Challenge Balance

(some are positive, some are not)!


  • I’ve realized that I can do that! It’s hard, it’s time-consuming, but it’s totally doable! And consider that I work 9 to 5, I have a little girl who asks for her Mom Time, a house, a hubby (not listed in importance order LOL) so:

I can do everything I am enough determined to do!

  • I think this Challenge has built in me a writing habit: if only I could keep it in my daily routine, I’m pretty sure I could create an awesome list of posts for when I have absolutely no time for writing
  • My aptitude for procrastination has taken a huge recoil…. yay! I work better under pressure: with long-term deadlines I always feel like I have plenty of time… and I end staying up all night giving last touches during the very last days!
  • I’ve virtually met some new bloggers with nice blogs, I hope we won’t lose!


  • The biggest negative lack is that I’ve put aside my crafty time! In this month I haven’t sewn enough for my tastes… I had to skip KCW spring because I truly couldn’t find one hour a day for sewing… unless I cut it out from my (already chopped) sleep time!
  • Also if for me writing only real posts (not a couple of phrases with a downloaded pic aside) was a “sine qua non” option, I have to admit that not everything I posted was perfectly fitting my standards. As you may have noticed, I love to add big nice photos (all made by me) to my blog posts and my go-to format is the tutorial, I’m not a Show&Tell kind of blogger. In this half-month I had to find a compromise between the good, the perfect and the… published!


That’s it! By now I can say that my balance is still on the positive side, also if I’m slightly tired and I truly can’t find time for commenting on other blogs… not to mention those annoying CAPTCHA…. they makes me run away, faster than light!!!


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