Today I’d like to share with you some random thoughts I had wandering in my mind from a lot of time but I’ve never talked about:

Being a Sewing Blogger

SergerPepper - Random Thoughts of a Sewing Blogger

1. Becoming a sewing blogger has completely changed my approach to sewing

I’ve always been that kind of (lazy) sewist that cut all thread tails at the same time, at the end of the task, when hemming.

Now that I have to take pics step-by-step I’m becoming much more tidy and neat/clean: I try to cut out thread tails as soon as I leave the sewing machine, just to be sure I don’t have to spend hours Gimp-ing them out later, by night!

2. After a little more than one year, I’m becoming faster in posting about sewing projects(but still hate choose my fav 5 poses between 500)

Yes, a DSLR(affiliate link) is a great thing but… it takes so many pics in so little time!

I really can’t stop pressing the shutter release again and again and again (then, when I have to choose pics I mentally take note of shooting less next time… and I completely forget it before next session!)

3. Writing about sewing isn’t the same of reading sewing blogs

Absolutely harder, especially if your english is rusty as mine!

My vocabulary is slowly growing and my only trick is read-read-read a lot!

I try to learn new words and terms everyday, if you’re reading me from the beginning of this journey I hope you noticed a change in the right direction

4. Sometimes I simply need to sew!

My weekly sewing/blogging time is squeezed between my day-job, a 5yo sweet girl’s mom time, hubby and, rarely, some good sleep time!

Once hub said to me: “You’re no more sewing, why?”
… why? I have not enough time!
Hubby: “Stop blogging, then!”

[I looked at him like if he had green ears growing right in top of his nose…]

what?!?!? stop blogging? I can’t! It’s part of me!

Let me consider that a non-blogger can’t understand this…
When I really want to unwind, I go into my sewing room, put some music on (I love Mika, it gives me pure energy <3) and start batch-sewing: no photos, long thread tails, I aim to create the messiest-mess you’ve ever seen (creative mess, obviously!) and simply sew: I love it (and now, it’s time for any blogger-non-sewist of not understanding)

SergerPepper - Random Thoughts of a Sewing Blogger 2

5. You can’t reinvent the wheel!

When I’m down and I see popping up (on other’s sewing blogs) gorgeous dresses I would have been glad to create, I feel like I’m not able to generate anything original (and, obviously, everybody else is able to do that).

Then I realize that it’s all been done, we can only put things together in a good-looking way but we’ll hardly invent anything new.

I would add that often, in my book, less is more.

I love clean lines in clothing and, especially for kids, practicality is much more important than elegance (but cuteness wins above all).

I’ve noticed that a lot of sewing bloggers (also the big name ones) often have simple line patterns as best-sellers, colorblocked or with an original collar or ruffles added here and there; a couple of pockets and buttons and… that’s it!

But, let me say: nothing new!

…so: there’s hope for me too  🙂

PS: it’s not ok if you copy something from others, at least give credit!

6. I love getting to know (and chat with) other fellow sewist bloggers

This was a big surprise to me: I’ve never met anyone in my “Real life” that was interested in sewing a fraction of how much I am, and now I see that the web is full of like-minded people:

It’s like Bengodi for me, all those communities where we can chat of dart values and seam allowances, welt pockets and lined bodices…to good to be true!

Online sewing community is unbelievable: you can always find help, if you’re stuck!

We can’t generalize, maybe not all the sewing bloggers but a big part of them are reachable and usually loves to share their tips and tricks.

Just a couple (+1) of side notes:

  1. I had a completely different kind of post, scheduled for today but… it wasn’t what I’d really like to write about today!
  2. I’ve completed one-third of this April Blog Challenge: maybe, I can do that!
  3. Starting from next month, I won’t write a post a day FOR SURE!

And you?

Are you a Sewing Blogger?

Or a Sewist?

Or none of them?

Let me know, I’d really like to hear about YOU!

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