New episode in my Monday Craftsy series: today I want to talk you about one more section of the Craftsy Blog, reference blog for any tutorial addicted, in any field of interest:

Craftsy Sewing Posts!

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My favorite sections are, as you may guess, Sewing and Photography, but you can find all the following niche blogs:

Cake Decorating –  Knitting –  Quilting –  Sewing – Fine Art – Food & Cooking – Crocheting – Embroidery – Home & Garden –  Jewelry Making – Paper Crafts – Weaving – Spinning – Woodworking – Contests & Giveaways.

Today I’d like to collect here 12 of the best blog posts I’ve read lately about Sewing on Craftsy: inside the Craftsy Sewing blog you can find so many different topics that they have (smartly) decided to create some sub-categories:

For Beginners – Techniques – Accessories – Garments – Fitting – Patternmaking & Design

I’ll share today my two favorite posts for each category…

Let’s start from the Beginners Section:

  • What to Do If Your Sewing Machine Is Skipping Stitches

Serger Pepper - Skipping Stitches - Beginners - Craftsy sewing postsIn this Sewing Post they’re listing four of the most commons problems you should check for if your sewing machine is skipping stitches. If you’d like to go more in-depth in this relationship with your sewing machine, I’d suggest you to try this FREE miniclass with Amy Alan… I’ve truly enjoyed watching it!


  • Ask an Expert: Discover Sewing Secrets with Brett Bara

Serger Pepper - Sew Ready - Beginners - Craftsy sewing postsA question & answers post to the lovely Brett Bara, the same Craftsy teacher of the great sewing class “Design Your Own Handbag!”… the same that inspired me creating my Hands-free Asymmetrical Bag… coming soon in my Craftlet!
Online Sewing Class

Now, into the techniques section:

  • Finishing Techniques for the Inside and Out

Serger Pepper - Inside-out - Techniques - Craftsy One of the best challenges when sewing your own garments, is to have an eye-pleasing result and this comes out from both a good design line and some finishing techniques that can elevate your masterpiece from homemade to handmade: it’s all in the detail! A nice way to grow in this direction is to add one simple (but nice) finishing detail to each project. I’m falling in love with piping, raglan and raised necklines lately, like Uglybeat did in this (wonderful) black and white 60’s Funnel Neck Minidress… I love it! Great job 🙂

  • Vintage Sewing Techniques

Serger Pepper - Techniques - Beginners - Craftsy sewing postsSometimes, to add some pizzaz to your project, you can choose to include some old-school techniques and details… discover Craftsy’s three selected ones in this inspiring post. As you may guess from the photo I’ve chosen, one of them has something to do with zippers… if you’d like to learn something everything about them, watch this FREE miniclass:

And what about sewing accessories?

  • Save Your Scraps! Simple Projects to Make From Leftover Fabric

Serger Pepper -Scraps - Accessories - Craftsy You know I have a thing for scraps! I always find myself saving any little scrap I can re-use in some way, in a future project… and the scraps pile grow, and grow, until I find a God-Ol’-Scrap-Buster Project like the ones listed in this sewing Post. The one you can see in the picture is a jewelery pouch designed by The Plaid Scottie… and it’s adorable, don’t you think?

  • In the Bag: Choosing Handbag Hardware

    Serger Pepper - Hardware - Accessories - Sewing Posts

It’s a recent addiction to me this one to sewing handbags… And I often go without using hardware, unless I can refashion it from a pre-loved bag, because I hate to spend for a sewing project, if I can avoid it… it’s like a personal challenge! This post lists all the hardware gadgets you can use in a bag, and a planning draft about how to go ahead sourcing them… useful, indeed!

Anything about sewing (and planning to sew) garments comes in this section

  • Drawing Fabric: 4 Fashion Illustration Tips for Artists and Fashion Designers

Serger Pepper - Drawing - Garments - Craftsy sewing postsI’m not an artist neither a fashion designer but I love the feeling the right kind of pencil in my hands gives to me… Certainly I can’t hope to be able to create some stunning drawing like the ones you can see inside this post, but improving my attitude to drawing is something in my never-ending to-do list! Maybe I should get Figure Anatomy for the Artist, with Roberto Osti, since I’ve already enrolled most of the sewing and photography ones I was interested to enroll!

  • How to Use Interlining, Lining, Facing and Interfacing

Serger Pepper - Interlining - Garments - Craftsy Sewing PostsAnother “inside” detail that can REALLY make the difference between poorly homemade and wow-ish-ly handmade! This great post will tell you what to use and when, for a great finishing of your garments! Never ever slouchy jackets or floppy collars…

What about fitting your garments?

  • Top 5 Fashion Sewing Techniques to Learn

Serger Pepper - 5 Fashion Techniques - Fitting - Craftsy Sewing PostsI love creating my own patterns… but they need to be perfect!

These technique will help you achieving perfect results without troubles, adding some Pro touches to all your projects.

PS: my favorite is number 2… I love this one!

  • Mastering Measurements for the Perfect Fit

Serger Pepper - Measurements - Fitting - Craftsy Sewing PostsIf you want to fit your garment like a Pro, the first step you need to be able to do perfectly is the art of measuring a human body, because there’s nothing worst than fitting a pattern to wrong measurements: it won’t fit, doesn’t matter how much time you spend on it!

Patternmaking & Drafting section (this is my favorite)

  • 8 Helpful Tips for Pattern Drafting

Serger Pepper - Tips 4 Drafting - Patternmaking - Craftsy Sewing Posts

Would you like to start drafting your own patterns by hand, with paper and rulers? This is where to start! Everything from drafting to grading, passing through draping and copying an existing garment.

Are you serious about patternmaking? Check my other affiliate Lauren Dahl and her Super PatternWorkshop, to learn creating your patterns directly on your pc… I promise you’ll love it, either if you are a beginner or if you only need some good tip… It’s worth the cost a thousand times, really!


  • How to Add a Zipper to a Bias Cut Seam


Serger Pepper - Bias Zipper - Patternmaking - Craftsy Sewing Posts

That’s interesting, one of those little tricks that can save a project!

Sometimes you only need to know little tips to make something really good… and this is why today I’ve enrolled this class… still need to find the time of watching it, with the new pattern release and all the rest but… I’m sure it will help me grow as a sewist!

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