Big Girl Briefs PDF Pattern release & discount!

  • Serger Pepper Big Girl Briefs - first page
  • Serger Pepper - Big Girl Briefs - Magda
  • Serger Pepper - Big Girl Briefs - Kerry
  • Serger Pepper - Big Girl Briefs - Kate1

Big Girl Briefs: you won’t ever need to buy new underwear to your daughter or granddaughter or even neighbour’s daughter (if you ever thought of doing that): today I’m releasing my new pattern for Big Girl Briefs!

Keep reading… there’s a Coupon Code for you 😉

Big Girl Briefs - Serger Pepper - New PDF Pattern - two waist option, fashionable detail - no side seams - no elastic - no exposed raw edges in crotchMain Big Girl Briefs features are:

  • Two options, regular and higher rise
  • Perfect for modesty, since they have high coverage on leg opening, back and crotch
  • Really comfy without itchy elastics
  • No side seams for extra comfort
  • Refashion tips (I’ve cut 4 pairs from 1 only dad T-shirt)
Serger Pepper - Big Girl Briefs - Kerry

Kerry Richard Big Girl Briefs!

  • a step-by-step tutorial with photos and illustrations that guide you trough this easy sewing task
  • a great print size-by-size feature, to save ink and time (and you can always ask for help, I’m always happy to help my readers and customers with their sewing or printing doubts!)
  • a super tested pattern (25 sewists from all over the world tried and tested this one, most of them made more pairs… and models were proud of wearing mommy’s made undies!)
  • 12 sizes for 12 years of undies!
  • sew them in batches… you never have too many undies!

Serger Pepper - Big Girl Briefs - instructions excerpt


Would you like to see some more of my tester’s undies? … well, not exactly… Let’s go!

Serger Pepper - Big Girl Briefs - Magda

Magda Estrela @ House of Estrela Big Girl Briefs!

Serger Pepper - Big Girl Briefs - Kate1

Serger Pepper - Big Girl Briefs - Elizabeth

Ellie @ Mommy Is A Nerd Big Girl Briefs

Last (but not least):

there’s a Great Release Coupon Code for you (20%!), use it on my Etsy Shop or my new Serger Pepper shop, just copy and paste:


but hurry up: you have until Wednesday, July, 2nd!


Stay tuned!
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