It’s been a long time since I talked about my Lovely Testers Hands-Free Asymmetrical Bag versions, but life is becoming so chaotic, lately…  I still have some to show you!
I’ve been really busy creating the next pattern (hint: it will be for girls underwear, just in case you’re guessing!) but I didn’t forget this one: My Hands-Free Asymmetrical Bag, actually for sale on my Craftsy Shop and on my newly opened Etsy Shop, is one of my favorite patterns (and my current everyday’s bag): it comes with so many options: piping, colorblocking, refashioning… everything!
One of its features is the multiple pocket options: you can put them in the inside or in the outside, with or without a zipper, there’s a tutorial for adding a customized pocket system for your sunglasses, phone, pen… you name it, we’ve got it!
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Would you like to take a look to the last 4 tester’s versions? Let’s go!

You can find my Hands-Free Bags here, one round of tester’s versions here, the other round here!

Linda Gauthier 

She has created this bag using my pattern, a statement in my book! She matched different shades of denim for the outside, separated using white piping, and a wonderful green polka dot lining: I love it!

This is what she says about this pattern:

Best bag to go to markets, and outing. Easy to carry, your hands are free to hold little hands! It’s very secure with the large flap and full of pockets to keep everything organized. Even enough space to put some of your purchases. Can be sewn for a minimal amount of money by re-fashioning and good for the environment! And with the water bottle holder you are sure not to spill anything!

Lisa @ Cucicucicoo

She was one of the testers for this pattern: I know I can always rely on her for an honest review!

She made this bag all from pre-loved clothes, as I suggested, creating an awesome colorblocking that makes her bag going with everything!

She wrote that one of her favorite features was the wide strap, that makes a breeze carrying this Hands-Free Bag: I hate me too those strings that cut your shoulders when you “sometimes” fill your bag with everything and anything (my daughter is a rock hoarder… she goes on putting white rocks in my bags!)

This cream and brown reminds me of an ice-cream… but maybe it’s only because is dinner time and it’s (finally) hot here!

I love how she incorporated a seam in one of the inside pieces: when refashioning, I think it’s important to leave some existing detail… because refashioning it’s not only frugal… it’s fashion!


Ely put together this lovely bag using all repurposed materials: old jeans, a bed sheet and a jogging top! I bet nobody can say this bag it’s made of leftovers!

Here’s her suggestion: Even if you don’t want to use it as everyday bag, you can roll it and carry with you in case of extra need!

Consider that she has sewn this bag right in the middle of a house-moving… I love my testers… awesomeness at the nth degree!

Look at her inside custom pocket: she used a flat felled seam from one of the trousers she used for the outside… that’s a fashionable detail!

W Mawae Copeland

This girl rock! Look at her bag:
Hear what she thinks about this pattern:
This bag is very versatile and will fit into anyone’s lifestyle. It can be sporty as well as trendy. It’s terrific for the active lifestyle.

I love her fabric choice: screams “summer!” to me! Interesting how she used both colorblocking and piping to create this central green path that separates this gorgeous Hibiscus red fabric… love it <3


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