Today I want to explain to you how to use this new functionality that every cool indie designer is adding to his PDF patterns, at the moment:

Print size-by-size feature

a.k.a. save ink and time

 Serger Pepper - Posh Beach Robe - print size-by-size feature

I’ve learnt how to add this really cool functionality following Lauren’s Patternworksop: you can’t go wrong with her – amazing teacher and woman!

I was always hearing PDF pattern buyers (and their hubbies…) complaining about the ink wasted printing un-used lines, wasted cutting them out: no more!

NOW we have this cool feature!*

I had a totally different post scheduled for today but… I have to share a secret with you… don’t tell it anyone… shhhhh!

There is a new FREE Pattern coming next week, and it’s made using this layering technique… So I thought that being it a new feature, it was worth explaining how it works: it’s simpler than it seems,  pinkie promise!

Rule #1: Download the PDF pattern on your PC (do not open it in your browser, like Windows 8 tries to do!)
Rule #2: Open it with Adobe Reader…. Any other PDF reader won’t work properly for that!
Download Adobe Reader for FREE here!
(there’s no need to install McAfee Security Scan, so I’d suggest you un-flag that square!)

When you open your PDF pattern, you’ll see all the sizes lines, as it happens any time you open an “old” PDF pattern
Don’t worry, we’ll get rid of them in a minute!

Just click on the third icon on the left, the one that looks like two sheets of paper one above the other

Serger Pepper - Print Size-by-size feature

You’ll see a list of sizes with an “eye” inside a square, on their left: click on the eyes and they’ll disappear, with the related size layer!

Serger Pepper - Print Size-by-size feature

Leave only the eye next to the size you chose (in this case is size 6) AND the first one (the “DO NOT DELETE!”one…)

Serger Pepper - Print Size-by-size feature


Now you can print! Remember: do not scale!

I hope you enjoyed this amazing feature, it’s all the rage just now!

*Big Girl Briefs is the only PDF pattern I’ve already released for sale featuring this cool functionality, I’ll update the others (Basic Leggings and Sheer Plaid Top) soon!

New patterns will be released including this feature.


UPDATE: Download the Posh Beach Robe FREE pattern and touch this GREAT feature with your hands… you’ll be hooked, promise (ask if you need help)

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