Today I’m proud to share with you our new favorite skirt!

It’s designed by The Shaffer Sisters (and if you don’t know them, well, you should! They’re really delicious!), just back from the last season of Project Run and Play.

It’s a deep yoke knee length skirt, coming a lot of options:

  • gathered
  • gathered with placket
  • large pleat
  • small peat

This time I’ve choosen the easiest one (gathered) because my daughter decided she didn’t like pleats… but I’m sure the next one will come with pleats (small? large? will see!).

You should get your pattern now, because there is a 30% off coupon code for you! Use:


(expiring November 16th)

here you’ll find the pattern

Let’s see how we made this Betty Skirt, ok?

Having a yoke, it was perfect for colorblocking, so I started to search my stash: poppies for the yoke and an embroidered scalloped bottom (both from bed sheets waiting to be refashioned)?

Serger Pepper - Sewing for girls - choose the right fabric

Or a red yoke paired with brown and flowers?

Serger Pepper - Yoke skirt - choose the right fabric


Then I’ve found this lightweight printed cotton canvas… simply delicious! And the quote… too fun!
“Economy for our environment needs some power of muscles”

Serger Pepper - Sewing the perfect skirt - choose the right fabric

Now, for the matching yoke: I chose this vintage wisteria cotton canvas, coming from an old aunt’s stash, isn’t it perfect?

Serger Pepper - Sewing the perfect skirt for a girl - choose the right fabric


The Shaffer Sisters made a great job with this pattern: it has a wide range of sizes (1-10 years) and they give you instructions for a custom fit. If you’re not lucky as we were (my daughter was a perfect size 5), you can cut width based on girth measurements and adjust the length (and the waist height) accordingly with your needing!
The other cool feature is that they give you a “rotary cutter friendly” cutting chart: no trees were cut down to print this pattern… I simply followed instructions and came out with this beauty in no-time!

Serger Pepper - simple skirt with a yoke


I’ve never made a skirt like this one, where the yoke is doubled and encloses raw edges inside… leaving a garment perfectly finished in the wrong side too!

This is the right side:


And this is the wrong side!


Even the elastic casing is perfect from the inside!

My daughter loved this skirt, perfect for its twirl factor, but not too full between waist and hips!

She styled it with a tone-sur-tone (it’s french for matching color ;)) short-sleeved t-shirt and a bunch of necklaces, stolen from my drawer: as you can see I don’t have precious necklaces, but I grow organic marigold for my infused olive oil, perfect for skin irritations…

and this is gold, in my book!

And, as my daughter was trying to show in the next shoot, I have a big meadowland where the grass is nearly high as her…

hubby! It’s time to mow the lawn… 

 But, with the perfect skirt, a marigold and boots, what can you do?

Just dance!

 Until the cat comes…

Do you want my marigold, cat*? 

(* yes… my cat is called “cat”, “micio” in italian… lack of imagination, I know!)


Do not miss all the other stops for this Betty Skirt Tour, as you can see there are great names listed!


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