Day 4 for the Everyday Tank Blog Tour (see also DAY 1, DAY 2, DAY 3 if you missed them).

We’re halfway and I can’t believe my eyes! I think the best part of this Blog Tour is seeing how different sewers take one pattern and flip it into something else, adding, substracting, or simply choosing different fabrics… I feel like a little part of me is travelling to their houses, knowing them a little bit more!

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In no particular order:

Courtney @ Sweeter Than Cupcakes

Serger Pepper - Everyday Tank Blog Tour Fall - Courtney

When Courtney Davis left the corporate world to stay home with two daughters, she found her strengths as a structural engineer lent themselves to an even greater joy found in the technical, mathematical, and artistic demands of sewing.

A six month old daughter, an encouraging Mom, and a very old hand-me-down sewing machine came together at the perfect time providing inspiration for what is now a passionate hobby.

Over 5 years later, with updated machines, a supply of tools, and endless inspiration from favorite designers, she is sewing daily and always looking for new challenges. 

Take a look at her sewing adventures shared on Courtney’s website at where she also tackles over the top birthday parties and dabbles in baking and crafting. 

See what a cool vest she made, using my pattern:

courtney teaser


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 Cassie @ Lily Shine Boutique

Serger Pepper - Everyday Tank Blog Tour Fall - Cassie

Hey there! I’m Cassie, owner and designer of Lily Shine Boutique. I am originally from Michigan but am currently residing on the island of Oahu. I am a wife to an amazing US Marine and a mom to two beautiful girls. When I’m not sewing or crafting, I am shopping, teaching group exercises classes, co-coordinating a local Military MOPS group or playing with my kiddos!

Growing up, I learned to sew from my mom as I helped design and create halloween costumes each year and handmade gifts for my friends and family. I am so thankful that she passed on her knowledge, and I look forward to my girls learning the art of sewing and designing. I am super happy to be a part of this blog tour, and can’t wait to share what I’ve created for my two little muses!

See what she made, using my pattern:

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 Bethany @ Two Novembers

Serger Pepper - Everyday Tank Blog Tour Fall - Bethany

Hi! I am Bethany from Two Novembers.
I am a stay at home mom of two beautiful girls and currently expecting a little boy in January.
I enjoy sewing and being crafty in my spare time.
I mostly sew girl stuff but am looking forward to adventuring into the world of boy sewing too.
Here’s her creation:
bethany 2

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Olga @ Kid Approved

Serger Pepper - Everyday Tank Blog Tour Fall - Olga

I am Olga, mother of four children, a former high school teacher and an expat from Ukraine.

I blog at Kid Approved, where I share my life of sewing and creating.

I learned to sew in high school where we were required to draft and sew a night gown and a pair of underpants.

Both were made out of woven fabric since knit was not readily available in the Soviet Union.

The results were not pretty.

My real love for sewing began with the arrival of Burda Style magazine in the late 1980s.

I am pretty sure if I dig through my mother’s fabric stash I would find a few unfinished projects of mine.

I rediscovered my passion for sewing and creating a few years ago when my oldest daughter turned two.

Random facts about me:

 – I was born and raised in the Soviet Union. My father was a party official.

 – I came to the United States when I was 23 as part of cultural exchange.

 – I have eaten the same breakfast – oatmeal with raisins and brown sugar – pretty much all my adult life.

 – I am very introverted, though that’s usually not the impression people have of me.

 – My husband and I were kicked off a train in Belarus on our way to St. Petersburg, Russia. 

We didn’t realize the train was passing through the Belarus and neglected to get visas. Oops. Lesson learned.

– I think cilantro is the root of all evil. Celery is a close second. 


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 Joy @ xoxo Grandma

Serger Pepper - Everyday Tank Blog Tour Fall - Joy

My name is Joy Candrian and I blog over at

I’m a wife to one great guy whose put up with my creativeness for 36 plus years. 

I’m also a proud mother to four children and grandma to eight adorable grandchildren.

All of these sweet little ones live too far away to enjoy on a daily basis, so when I’m not traveling to see them, I’m constantly creating something to send to them so they’ll grow-up knowing their grandma loves and adores them.

 Just a quick picture for you!


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