Let me introduce you to the biggest collections of serger // overlockers resources from all around the web.

I often find myself google-ing for new serger techniques, cute serger projects and the best time-saving serger tips, so I thought I could save you some time, collecting here my favorite serger resources: only the best of the best.

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Some of the resources are specifically talking about a brand/model: please note that, if you have a different machine, you may need to change some settings! Most of the times, you’ll learn something you can use: I’ve never found a tutorial about my own serger brand/model, but I’ve been able to learn a huge lot from these resources!

Just a little premise: links marked with an asterisk are affiliate links.

That means that if you buy through them I get a small percentage at NO ADDED COST for you.

Thanks for using them for your purchases, it means a lot to me!

The Most useful Serger Links Library. Ever.

Serger Pepper 100 Serger Links


Best Serger Tutorials

  1. 10 Best Beginner’s Serger Tips – Serger Pepper
  2. Differential feet explained – 3 hours past
  3. Cleaning your serger – Serger Pepper 
  4. Serger Dictionary – Serger Pepper (reaaaally long!)
  5. How-to unpick a serged seam (and all about serger tensions) – Serger Pepper
  6. Overcome the fear of your overlocker – Maris Olsen for Craftsy 
  7. Sewing 101 // Serger Tips – What the Craft
  8. Stretch Thread – Made By Rae
  9. Top Ten Serging Tips – Tilly and The Buttons
  10. Adjust serger’s timing all by yourself – Laura’s Blog 
  11. Sergers for the lazy sewer – Puckleberry 
  12. Threading your serger in a snap – Serger Pepper
  13. Serger Hints and Tips (downloadable PDF).
  14. Must have features for your First Serger – Serger Pepper for So Sew Easy
  15. Choose your #1 Serger, made Easy – Serger Pepper
  16. Coverstitch and overlock: two machines or convertible? Pro and Cons – Shwin & Shwin
  17. Stretch Thread – Made By Rae

Best Serger Techniques

  1. Serger and Coverstitch basic techniques – One Little minute
  2. Talking about sergers… – Fiberosity
  3. Ruffle like a pro with a 1034d – Cole’s corner and Creations (downloadable pdf)
  4. Perfect stretchy hem (plus shorties free pattern) – Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom
  5. Gathering with your serger (special foot) – Make it Handmade
  6. Gathering with your serger (without special foot) – Rae Gun Ramblings
  7. Gathering with your serger (without special foot) – Seasoned Homemaker
  8. Blind Hem Special Foot – Sew a Straight Line
  9. Knit bindings finishing – The Sewing Lawyer
  10. Use a Loop turner to bury serger thread – Pink Chalk Studio
  11. Serging chiffon and slippery fabrics – Fashion Sewing Blog TV
  12. Knit bindings finishing – The Sewing Lawyer
  13. How-to serge cuddle minky – Coral and Co.
  14. Easy-peasy spaghetti straps – Refashion, repurpose, redo…
  15. Sew a zipper with your serger – Sew News
  16. Attach lace with a rolled hem – Sew News
  17. French seam with serger’s help – Coletterie
  18. How-to “backstitch” on a Serger – 3 hours past
  19. Five ways to finish a serger chain – Really  Handmade
  20. How-to use pins on serger vs. sewing machine – Sewtorial
  21. How-to replace blades – Pattern Revolution
  22. Serger Binding for a quilt – Lindsay Conner for Craftsy
  23. Cut your pattern… with a serger – Crafting Fashion
  24. How-to “backstitch” on a Serger – 3 hours past
  25. Five ways to finish a serger chain – Really  Handmade
  26. How-to use pins on serger vs. sewing machine – Sewtorial
  27. How-to replace blades – Pattern Revolution
  28. Pintuck stitching with a blind stitch presser foot – Sew a Straight Line
  29. Hem knits the easy way – Patty The Snug Bug
  30. Lazy tip for hemming knits in round – Crafting a rainbow
  31. How-to serge seam allowances – Threads
  32. Tame your serger // Exercise – DIY Fashion Sewing Tips
  33. Make your own serger cheat book – Indietutes
  34. Knot re-threading – A fashionable stitch

Serger Stitches

  1. Serger Stitches Cheat Sheet – Serger Pepper
  2. Threading a Brother 1034d Serger for a Rolled hem – CKC
  3. Serger 101 (flatlocking and more) – Sweet Verbena
  4. Faux-flatlock seam – Oliver +s
  5. Rolled hem with fishing lines – Julia Bobbin
  6. Rolled hem secret tip – Off the cuff
  7. Rolled Hem Tips and Tricks – Boo Designs
  8. Original Serged Hems – Smila’s World 
  9. Coverstitch Cheat way – Sew Fishsticks

Serger Hacks

  1. Split in 4 a big thread cone – My Measuring Tape (…. hilarious!)
  2. Using serger thread on a sewing machine
  3. Serger thread hacks – Moonthirty
  4. Thread Cone Hacks – Pat Sloane

Best Easy Serger Projects

  1. Easy Brother 1034d Cover DIY – Swoodson Says
  2. The Simple Bib – Made it on Monday 
  3. 90 Seconds Napkins – Sewing Parts online
  4. Serging a rolled hem scarf on a Brother 1034d – Made by Me Shared By You
  5. Simple Bubble Skirt – A couple of crafts addicts
  6. Crib Sheets DIY with a serger – Pretty Prudent
  7. Easy Serger Ribbon – Make it Handmade

Best Serger Books

  1. The Complete Serger Handbook – Chris James *
  2. Creative Serging – Nancy Bednar*
  3. The Ultimate Serger Answer Guide: Troubleshooting for Any Overlock Brand or Model – Naomi Baker *
  4. Simply Serging: 25 Fast and Easy Projects for Getting to Know Your Overlocker *
  5. Serge and Merge Quilts (Create With Nancy) *
  6. Sewing with Sergers: The Complete Handbook for Overlock Sewing – Pati Palmer *
  7. Serge With Confidence – Nancy Zieman*
  8. The Serger & Overlock Master Guide – Clifford L. Blodget *
  9. Serge It!: 24 Fun & Fresh Projects to Sew with Your Serger – Jenny Doh *
  10. Successful Serging: From Setup to Simple and Specialty Stitches – Beth Ann Baumgartel*
  11. The Serger’s Technique Bible: The Complete Guide to Serging and Decorative Stitching – Julia Hincks *
  12. Serger Sewing Basics – Carol Zentgraf *

Best Serger Videos

  1. Amy Alan’s Basic Serger Lesson (check her zipper attached with yarn flatlock at 7:09!)
  2. Elastic Waistband without casing – Roberta Rose Kelley
  3. Pintucking with a Serger – Angela Wolf
  4. Serger Fun – Sue Kostroski (1,5 hours video lesson!)
  5. Make a Katwise-like sweater – Katwise
  6. Curves and corners – Sewing Machines Warehouse
  7. Serger Boutique Part 1 – Nancy Zieman
  8. Serger Boutique Part 2 – Nancy Zieman 
  9. Serger Workshop Part 1 – Nancy Zieman
  10. Serger Workshop Part 2 – Nancy Zieman
  11. Serger Workshop Part 3 – Nancy Zieman 
  12. Brother 1034d Serger Techniques
  13. 10 reasons to buy a serger
  14. Serger Troubleshooting – Burley Sew 
  15. Coverstitch Lace application – Hope Yoder
  16. Flatlock stitch – Sewing parts online 
  17. Choosing the right threads – Drea Johnson
  18. What is a serger and what it does – Pretty Prudent

Coverstitch Techniques

  1. Chainstitch quilting – Amity Originals
  2. Chainstitch shirring – Lolita Patterns 
  3. Perfect coverstitch Tutorial – Cashmerette
  4. Coverstitch elasticized waistband – Sew Much Crafting

Do you have a great tutorial to add to this list? Please let me know about it, just write it in the comments section, I’ll add it with pleasure!

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