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It’s not a mystery I love attending Craftsy Classes: I’ve been hoarding “a few”, lately, and I’ve never ever needed to use their “Money Back Guarantee/Class Refunds”  clause: they always create great classes, I’m pretty sure they have a tiny rate of people actually asking for a refund.

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One of the most recent adds to my classes bin was Linda Lee‘s “The Ultimate Guide to Sewing Knit Fabrics“: they couldn’t find a better title!

Serger Pepper - Craftsy Class Review - Linda Lee Ultimate Guide Sewing knit fabrics

In this class, Linda Lee talks about why she likes knit fabric and most of her reasons are mine too.
Who is Linda Lee? She designs her own line of patterns (The Sewing Workshop Pattern Collection) and she wrote a large list of sewing books.

She also teaches in workshops (and this shows when you hear her speaking: she’s very confident in teaching! Her explanation is excellent and concise, watching her class was a pleasure!).

I’ve found myself taking a lot of notes, using Craftsy’s awesome feature, to be sure not to lose all those pearls of wisdom!


What’s in “The Ultimate Guide to Sewing Knit Fabrics” Craftsy Class?

This class will show you how to get a real RTW look when sewing knits.

Linda speaks about different weights knit properties, showing you how to handle each one, with a lot of great tips for seaming, hemming and finishing different knit fabrics, starting from sheers, lightweight and open weaves, going through medium weight, double knits and heavy knits.

There’s an introductory speaking about how to choose and prepare knit fabrics: for example, she speaks of washing tests to evaluate fabric shrinking.

Serger Pepper - Craftsy Class Review - Linda Lee Ultimate Guide Sewing knit fabrics - shrink test

Techniques are shown for:

  • perfect buttonholes (that are usually a pain to sew on knits) without tunneling
  • tips for perfect collars
  • an easy elastic waist casing
  • zippers
  • bindings…


Novelty knits aren’t left out: she shows you how to handle rib knits and where to use them (and when not!) and how to create and sew felted wool jersey.
Her mantra is to experiment: she shows you how to handle fabric while you sew knit, nothing is left for you to guess!

Now, I don’t want to give away all her tips (and, believe me, there are so many included with this class!), I will share with you just a few candies to make your mouth water 😉

Get your discounted class HERE before it expires!


Supposing grainlines? No more!

Her tip here is to accurately draw a chalk line (she uses Chalkoner if you know of an EU source for it, please let me know!) following a lengthwise rib/whale with a ruler, then position your pattern pieces using the chalk line as your grainline! This is simple but genius!

Serger Pepper - Craftsy Class Review - Linda Lee Ultimate Guide Sewing knits chalkmark - lengthwise rib or whale


Always Perfect Collar Points (and it works with any other points too!)

Another cool tip she shares is how to get perfectly shaped collar points on double knits: we’re used to trimming away seam allowances in diagonal, inside a collar point, but sometimes collars made using knit fabrics look like they’re lumpy or floppy, screaming “Poorly homemade”, instead of whispering “Boutique handmade”.

Not good!

Here’s what she suggests (tried and tested… and it works like a charm!): don’t trim those seam allowances!

Fold in 1″ length on each side, right along the seam line (toward the undercollar), pressing it with your iron to set the crease.

Turn the collar right side out, holding the pressed seam allowances with the tip of your thumb: ta-dah! A perfect pointy collar is here!

Serger Pepper - Craftsy Class Review - Linda Lee Ultimate Guide Sewing knits - collar

No More Tailor’s Tacks

And what about using safety pins instead of tailor’s tacks, in slinky fabrics?

I have never thought to do this, am I the only one?

Serger Pepper - Craftsy Class Review - Linda Lee Ultimate Guide Sewing knits - safety pins tailors tacks


Why should you have this class?

What I loved most about this class on sewing knit fabrics, was that it gives so many pieces of information, useful for any intermediate sewer; she’s not leaving out beginners tips, like making sure that the most stretch goes around the body.
As I said in the beginning, this is definitely THE ultimate class for sewing knits!
After this one, I’m going to watch another “sewing knits” class, this time about fitting.