Hi guys!
Some of you have recently seen a sneak peak of this project, in my Facebook personal profile, and were wondering what was boiling on my pan… ta-dah!
Here it is, my latest step-by-step tutorial, created exclusively for the Craftsy Sewing blog.


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Sew Easy Bag from a Jacket

It’s a refashion! And it totally wasn’t planned 😉
Let me share with you this little “behind the scenes”: I had chosen a gym bag DIY tutorial generic topic to write about for this month, and I was thinking about which fabrics, lined/non-lined, which features to add… my usual design workflow, where I start with an idea and end with a couple of thousands (can you relate? I hope I am not the only one!)

Then my mom, which knows about my hoarding disorder love for old clothes and passion to DIY, gave me a huge bag of old jackets and pre-loved garments that we should probably define Vintage, since I remember of seeing them on my childhood (can you guess where my hoarding disorder comes from? I think they will soon discover there is a gene for that too!).

I was climbing stairs, up to my sewing room, holding this huge armful of naphthalene-smelling garments (literally sinking my nose in that nicely color blocked jacket) when that quirky idea blinked in my mind… “What if I morph it into a gym bag?”

And you can do that too!

Just follow my step-by-step tutorial for a DIY gym bag: it’s full of little tips you can steal 😉

What a cool idea! Serger Pepper 4 Craftsy - sew easy bag - Gym Bag from a Men's Jacket - drawstring shoe bag included