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So: you have gathered all your basic sewing supplies, you’ve read all of my sewing beginners tips , you know which are the mistakes you should try to avoid when preparing and when you’re ready to actually sew.

And now, what? You take a sewing pattern and start looking at it!

Wait… nobody told you it was written in a foreign language… and all those symbols… I can almost hear you: “Can you please help me? How do I ready a sewing pattern?


I’m here to help you!
Read the guide I have written for Craftsy about:

How to read a sewing pattern

Including several tips for both printable PDF and paper pattern: how to read the instructions and the patterns themselves.
… can’t wait to hear back from you: what’s your favorite pattern feature you can’t live without? Are there any pet-peeves you have, about patterns?
About me: I hate tracing and tailor’s tacks… am I the only one?


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