I love the smell of a new school year: ever since I was a child, I have always loved new pencils, new pencil pouches, new diaries and all the stuff.

Now that I am grown up a little bit and I must earn every dime I spend (well, technically I spend also some of hubby’s earned pennies, but please: don’t tell him! LOL), I love even more when it’s time for back-to-school deals!

And not only for my daughter… have you ever think how many Classroom & School Supplies you can get right now (and most of them are in big discounted packs you’ll never find later, during the year) and use in your sewing room?

I did, and I have thought you might enjoy if I share my secrets with you.

Back to school deals for your sewing room

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Serger Pepper Back to school deals For Your Sewing Room 2016

Here is what I got this year (as you can see in the image above):

A hardcover bag-sized notebook for sketches when I am not at home;

A BIC pen with a conductive portion that doubles it as a tablet pen;

UHU tac (or Patafix): Removable Adhesive Putty Tabs that holds thing in place;

Binder clips to be used instead of pins when sewing vinyl and leather;

Tip: use them to hold together and hang all of the pattern pieces of a design you’ll use again later.

A multi-pack of mechanical pencils to precisely draft on paper (having a 0.7 mm HB point);

 A 4 (fancy) colors pen, to make outstand any (fancy) idea might stumble in my mind;

single hole paper punch to punch holes (I mean, really?) on cardboard tags for master patterns;

desk planner to fill in each and every free time I can spot in my week;

A truckload of notebooks and exercise books (I am not a fan of the lined ones, better the math ones);

Some textile paint… you never know what kind of crafty embellishments you’re going to add to your creations, this year!

Dot stickers, perfect for taking measurements on kids (stick them at the collarbone, at the waistline, at the shoulder bones to be more accurate).

Actually, this year I’ve only found heart-shaped adhesive “dots”, but I’m pretty sure my daughter won’t get mad for that 😉

Others back-to-school tools you should look for

(I didn’t get them just because I already had them from last year’s back-to-school shopping)

 A big pack of glue sticks for glue basting (e.g. zippers, pockets, appliqué, hemming knits…)

Scissors… you never have too many and you can’t beat their price, at this time of the year!

Adhesive tape, perfect to put together PDF sewing patterns.

Tip: Choose a sand-filled 1-hand dispenser that can hold 3″ rolls: they will save you a lot of time, in the long run… read: hassle-free taping!

Frixion pens: my favorite marking tool (see this list’s #11).

Tip: Choose a multi-color pack to cover all of the fabric shades you’ll sew this year! Buy the refills for when the ink is gone, you’ll save some money!

Highlighters to make sure you follow the right size’s out shape before you trace or cut out the pattern;

Regular Sharpies in several shades: they write on almost anything and they can double as tie-dye tools.


What do you think is missing in my list? Please let me know… there’s still time for me to get the most out of the back to school deals!