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Hi guys!
I am so excited to share with you this awesome news: my first video class is now available on the Skillshare platform!



Since I receive so many comments and emails asking me for help with threading your sergers, or troubleshooting tensions, I’ve decided to listen to your suggestions and needs and record my very first video class, hopefully the first of a long series!
This first one is focusing on getting to know your serger anatomy and the 4-thread overlock stitch (threading and serging).


I will also show you how to design and put together a scrappy neck warmer, made using up all those fabric scraps you’re keeping from your previous projects.


serger-pepper-class-project-2-beginner-serger-class-neck-warmerThe awesome part of the Skillshare platform is that you can directly ask for my help, by uploading a photo of your tension problems or threading need-help or you can upload a picture of your seam looking weird and I will actually be able to help you troubleshooting: use the “Your Project” section!

serger-pepper-your-project-beginner-serger-class-neck-warmerOnce you are satisfied, you can write a (short) positive review (or, if you think I didn’t help you, you can also add a negative review, but this will make me cry, like, forever :))

If this wasn’t enough, let me add that:

  1. For a short time, I will keep this class FREE for everyone (hurry up if you think the topic might interest you)!
  2. If you decide to go Premium, to get access to thousand of classes, ranging from Design to Photography, Animation to Technology, Fashion to Culinary, Crafts to Lifestyle, please use my referral code: this will let you try all the videos for three months for just $ 0.99. At the end of the 3 months, you can decide you don’t want to renew your Premium subscription (monthly for $ 11.95/month or yearly for $ 8/month) and nothing will be due.

Please take a look at my class and let me know you’ve been there (and what do you think of it). I can’t wait to hear your opinion and suggestions