Repurposing old bed sheets: 50 things you need to know!

Are you ready for a memorable round-up of more than 50 uses for your vintage bed sheets (or just plain old bed sheets)? I have (almost) an obsession about re-using old bed sheets (and pillow covers, perfect for making bias tape, and duvet covers, coming in wonderful prints!), and I collect them from everywhere: thrifty shops (just warm wash them!), relatives' and friends' closets and sometimes I just buy them new, in the shops, just to use them as fabric.

Make a tote in 5 steps

While I was sewing the placemats, I noticed this year's lunch bag was falling apart... we need a new one... let's sew it! As always when DIY, I've been able to make it exactly the right size to keep in the (reusable) water bottle and the plastic case that keeps fruits and biscuits intact through the day, to the afternoon tea-break.