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120+ last minute Valentine’s day gifts to sew

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Are you in search of some lovely last minute Valentine's day gifts to sew? Look no further, I've got you covered! It's that time of the year when love is all around and heart-shaped projects are popping out everywhere in your social media feed and Pinterest researches. I've been collecting a few ideas perfect for some last minute Valentine's day gifts to sew (because I tend to overbook my own time, as usual, but I firmly believe that a gift you've made means more than just grabbing something from a shop shelf).

Repurposing old bed sheets: 50 things you need to know!

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Are you ready for a memorable round-up of more than 50 uses for your vintage bed sheets (or just plain old bed sheets)? I have (almost) an obsession about re-using old bed sheets (and pillow covers, perfect for making bias tape, and duvet covers, coming in wonderful prints!), and I collect them from everywhere: thrifty shops (just warm wash them!), relatives' and friends' closets and sometimes I just buy them new, in the shops, just to use them as fabric.