✂✂✂ This listing is for a PDF Pattern with Instant Download for Big Girl Briefs (3 to 14 years) – NOT the finished product nor a paper pattern. You’ll need to download it and print it at home!✂✂✂

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Learn how to easily produce your own undies for your daughter, granddaughter or anyone else: 12 sizes (3 to 14 years, suitable for petite womans too – see hips measurements below), tested from 25+ seamstresses from all around the world.

My daughter loves to wear these fashionable but comfy underwear: for a greener touch, refashion hubby’s T-shirts!

Serger Pepper - Big Girl Briefs - Magda

✂✂✂ Big girl Briefs PDF Pattern’s main features ✂✂✂

– Two waist options (regular and higher with an extra high back rise: can’t look at those naked backs on kids… no more skin flashing out!)

– No side seams

– No itchy elastic

– With your purchase you’ll have 15 instruction pages, with a step by step photo/illustration tutorial full of big pics, for easiest readability.

– Plenty of links to online tutorials and deeper insights.

– Measurements are given in both metric and imperial; choose your size basing on hip measurements, then customize waistline, rise and decorative (optional) detail along the front

– Refashion suggestions.

– Sewing in batches suggestions: ideal project (you never have too many briefs, and sewn in batches is better!)

– 4 sheets pattern pieces are completely computer-drafted, color coded (and dotted lines too, for a black and white frugal print) with seam allowances included and marked.

Serger Pepper - Big Girl Briefs - instructions excerpt


Print only the size you need: no more ink and time wasted! You only need to download the PDF Pattern to your pc/Mac and open it with Adobe Reader… how-to instructions on page 3…. you’ll love it, promise!!!

Print only pattern pages and save ink, money and some tree too <3 (save the PDF on your tablet, iPad, smartphone, notebook, netbook to keep instructions near you while sewing, and appreciate all the photos with perfect brightness!)

You can print it at home, all the times you want/need (fit on A4 and US Letter sizes printers!).

Serger Pepper - Big Girl Briefs - Linda


knit scraps (refashion a T-shirt for frugal #biggirlbriefs)
spandex/lycra knit strips for bindings

no elastic or FOE required!


thread, scissors, pins, ballpoint needles… nothing fancy, your usual sewing stuff 🙂

Serger Pepper - Big Girl Briefs - Kerry

✂✂✂ Support guaranteed lifetime! ✂✂✂

If you’re in trouble, please ask me for help! You can find me through my blog or sending me a personal email at info [at]

✂✂✂ Sizes = Hips ✂✂✂

3 yo = 56 cm = 22″
4 yo = 59 cm = 23 1/4″
5 yo = 62 cm = 24 3/8″
6 yo = 65 cm = 25 5/8″
7 yo = 68 cm = 26 3/4″
8 yo = 71 cm = 28″
9 yo = 74 cm = 29 3/4″
10 yo = 77 cm = 30 1/4″
11 yo = 80 cm = 31 1/2″
12 yo = 83 cm = 32 5/8″
13 yo = 86 cm = 33 7/8″
14 yo = 89 cm = 35″


Serger Pepper - Big Girl Briefs - Kate1

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You’re allowed to sell Big Girl Briefs sewn using this pattern in Local Fairs or your Etsy shop – please give me credit as the designer, linking to this selling page or to – you’re not allowed to mass produce Big Girl Briefs with this pattern.

Serger Pepper - Big Girl Briefs - Alyssa

Re-sale and/or distribution of pattern pieces and instructions is expressly prohibited – please do not forward it to friends, send them here to buy it!

Enjoy it and… Happy Sewing 🙂