The OneCardigan has a wide range of sizes and will fit for a long time, thanks to the tie closure!

It’s comfy and cute and can be sporty or dressy, depending on your fabric choice.

Beginner friendly, with no buttonholes or zippers OneCardigan also features a lined bodice and hood.


  • » short sleeves, long sleeves or sleeveless (vest version)
  • » pixie lined hood, regular lined hood or no hood at all
  • » one or two layered skirt

Choose your size… the size range is pretty wide, it fits almost everybody, from 2 years to 16 (and petite women can find that the OneCardigan fits them too, thanks to the oversized design!)


Why you should have this PDF sewing pattern?

Let me share with you some of my whys!

  1. Because it has the awesome feature of printing only the size you need and there’s a chart that tells you exactly which pages you need to print for each size/option —> Tell hubby: NO MORE WASTED INK AND PAPER
  2. Because its huge size range make it last forever: you’re going to sew cardigans for everyone, from 2 to 16 years (and most petite women too!) —> THIS PATTERN IS GOING TO LAST A LOT!
  3. So. Many. Options! Each time you sew OneCardigan it will be different. Take a look to the testers creations: this pattern has 9 DIFFERENT OPTIONS (excluding the optional skirt lining nd kirt double layering!)
  4. It’s cool! All the cool girls want to wear it! Choose a fancy Pixie Hood or a Vest version, to satisfy each one’s fashion tastes… That Petal Skirt has a fabulous twirl effect
  5. It’s refashion friendly and scrapbuster, to save your huge stash from growing and saving money (refashion suggestions inside!)
  6. It’s versatile: you can make it with knits or wovens, depending on the look you want to achieve (cardigan or jacket)
  7. It’s beginner friendly: no buttonholes & no zippers required
  8. … need more reasons?

Check how many versions have been sewn till now, posted in our FB group