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Liz Miller

Hi, I’m Liz Miller and I am a professional seamstress, and have been improving my sewing and embroidery skills for over 15 years.

Now, I personalize, embroider, monogram, and mend items. I also run my own sewing classes for beginners and intermediate sewists.

I hope you’ll join me, and peruse some of the guides I’ve made for you here. So, if you’re ready to learn, check out Serger Pepper.

When it comes to painting, you’re honestly spoiled for choice with how many different types of paint you can use. Whether it’s an oil-based paint, an enamel, a chemical-based paint, or countless other variations, they each have their own benefits and will bring new qualities to your painting.  Water-based paints and acrylic paints are some …

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When you picture a painting canvas, you probably imagine a crisp, white canvas ready to be covered in all kinds of vibrant art and color. However, painting on a black canvas instead is a severely underappreciated alternative, and actually changes your artwork in ways you could never expect!  By painting on a solid black background, …

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When it comes to painting onto a wide range of surfaces and materials, acrylic is often considered one of the best, with it being usable on everything, from canvas to leather, to pottery and ceramics, and so on! If it’s a non-greasy surface, then chances are that you’ll be able to use acrylic on it! …

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