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While I’m relaxing at the seaside I’m so lucky to have a great poker of guests, let’s start with the super-awesome Olu, one of my classmates at Lauren’s course Patternworkshop (affiliate link) and, formerly, the very first Serger Pepper’s guest!

If you still don’t know her I would strongly suggest you tro pay her a visit: she loves grey, original, fun and frugal clothing and self-made (she’s actually having a challenge: dress her daughters for one year)… and she has a great taste for design 😉

It’s your turn, Olu, here’s your microphone!

Hi, I’m Olu from Needle and Ted and I’m delighted to be guest posting here today.

Serger Pepper - Linen Bloomer Shorts - FREE pattern by Olu at Needle and Ted

I have been sewing regularly for my children for nearly a year but I must be the slowest person ever. I get distracted, I make mistakes, I forget where I put things. It’s ridiculous. But these bloomer shorts took me just 1 hour to sew. So I figure if I can make them in an hour, then anyone can.

If you have a child age 2-3, click on over to Needle and Ted to get your free pattern. Print it out, stick it together and cut some lavish linen. You don’t have to use linen, but linen is cool, it deflects the heat and it never goes out of style.

Serger Pepper - Linen Bloomer Shorts - FREE pattern by Olu at Needle and Ted

You will need all the usual sewing tools; sewing machine, scissors, pins, matching thread etc, but also some shirring elastic and about a meter of 1cm wide elastic.

Serger Pepper - Linen Bloomer Shorts - FREE pattern by Olu at Needle and Ted - shirring close up

OK, so now you have your everything you need. ARE YOU READY? Check your sewing machine settings. GET SET. Check the time. GO.


1 Hour bloomer shorts tutorial by Needle & Ted

Note: The waist on the bloomer shorts above measure 52cm, different fabrics shrink to different percentages after shirring. My version has a seam down the front and back. This is because the fabric was upcycled from a pair of my mums unwanted trousers and I cut them at the side seam. In the tutorial there is no seam at the front and back only at the sides.

Thanks for having me Irene!


… thanks for being here, Olu<3

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