Thanks Natalie for inviting me to your Scooter Buddy Blog Tour!

I started feeling my life was accelerating when I had my daughter: my focus was no more on me but it was all about HER! When you become a parent (or, at least, this is what happened to me), you start living for someone else… who is a little bundle of joy (and screams, and asleep nights and all that *fun* stuff) and needs your help and guide for doing almost everything.
But, in a really short time, they grow… and you feel like they’re grown during night-time!

My daughter is starting her last year of Kindergarten next week and I absolutely can’t believe in how many ways she’s growing: not only becoming higher and higher and higher (I made her this Everyday Tank midi Dress in june and it looks like a tunic on her!) but she’s learning new skills and becoming every day more independent (last week she went out from home alone, to visit our neighbours, and she had to come back at 8.15 pm, looking at her wristwatch… wait! before you call the police, remember that we live in a small hamlet between the mountains and she didn’t have to cross any roads or do anything dangerous, at all!).

When we were in vacation, this summer, at the sea, she saw other kids going around with this scooters (that we call “monopattino”) and she suddenly decided she HAD to have one…

Then Natalie @ SewOutnumbered, my fellow contributor at Deanna’s SewMcCool, created this super-awesome tutorial… and I had to be in her Blog Tour… so I’m here!

The only thing I changed from her (really smart – you should try it!) tutorial was to add this insulating material that Mr.P (hubby) took me home (don’t ask me where it comes… no ideas at all!) this insulating material, saying it’s the same one they use on rockets to insulate from the deep cold space…. And I’ve put it aside, in my sewing room, waiting for a project that could fit… here it is!

I was worried about its thickness, so I decided to separate it in two: it was easy, because it’s made of multiple layers!

I added one of them to the front pocket piece and the other to the back, so you can insulate your drink, keeping it cold during those hot sunny days we’ve never seen this summer (raining, raining and then, guess? Raining!), because if water to drink stays cold longer, mom can sew more time!!!

A couple of considerations:

1) sew slowly and carefully because your needle risks to break!
2) trim off most of the seam allowances from your insulating material, it will be easier turning it inside out and it will lay flatter once it’s finished
3) sewing boxed bottom corners was awfully hard, but I did it!!6! Maybe, instead of backstitching, it would be easier sew all the seam a couple of times one on each direction!

That’s all!

I hope you will enjoy the other creations, here’s where you can find them all: