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  • The very best Craftsy sewing class! The teacher is amazing and there are actually tons of stuff to learn to sew quicker than light while keeping professional results! 5 stars - Irene V.

As you may know, besides being a Craftsy writer, I am an avid Craftsy Classes watcher too and, since March is National Craft Month, I’ve been able to provide you a class review along with a 50% discount for the same class: “Sew quick, quicker, quickest“, with Sue Hausmann.

I was given this class for free and this post contains affiliate links but opinions are all mine and they weren’t for sale!

I don’t know you, but my days are hectic and restless and I have neverending to-do lists that seem to only be able to grow and never to decrease.

I always try to squeeze in some sewing (or designing, or writing of sewing) time but I sometimes have to give up, because my days seems to be too short. This is why I am always in search of ways to make things quicker (and possibly quickest!): pin-baste, skip tailor’s tacks whenever you can, this kind of things.

When I’ve seen this class, I’ve immediately thought I had to watch it and, if I was really lucky, I may have picked a couple of two of new-to-me time-saving tips.

Boy, I was totally wrong.

I have learned So Many Tips that I had to choose just a few to share with you but, if you’re struggling with everyday time management, please do yourself a favor and get this class until it’s discounted!

Note that this is an exclusive 50% discount, just for Serger Pepper’s readers like you, but Be Quick(quicker-quickest)!

Expiration Date is 3/22/16 @11:59pm MT

One personal note

I have 48 Craftsy Classes in my own library, so I may probably call myself an expert in this field.

I love the unique communication channel that Craftsy offer to anyone who buys their classes, where you can ask anything to the teachers and they will answer you in almost real time.

Let me say that Sue Hausmann is probably the best one! You should buy this class just for her answers, they would totally worth the money!

She goes deep in details and rich in tips and suggestions that each one of her answers is like a mini-class included in the Craftsy class itself!

Grab your class at 50% off… it’s a steal!

The whole class is about how to learn sewing shortcuts that will lead you to perfect results (not poor-looking homemade garments made in a hurry) and walk you through 7 macro-themes in 3 hours (more or less): Staystitching, Basting, Seams, Darts & Ease, Facings, Waistbands, and Zippers. For each one, she’s teaching you three different techniques for doing it quick, then quicker and last but not least quickest, while keeping professional results, thanks to Sue’s experience in sewing, in teaching and in speaking in front of a camera.

For each topic, she’s teaching you three different techniques for doing it quick, then quicker and last but not least quickest, while preserving professional results, thanks to Sue’s experience in sewing, in teaching and in speaking in front of a camera.

Let’s see a couple of them:

Avoid unwanted puckers and gathers in slippery fabrics

In the Seams section of this awesome class, Sue shares with you a ton of pro-tips that will make your seams look better.

One of them is for slippery lightweight fabrics, like the aqua polyester shown below.

Don’t you hate when the seam keeps puckering, no matter what you do (and what you say)? Sue will show you the light at the end of the tunnel: the key here is to choose the right stitch length (better go shorter than longer) and the appropriate foot (never use an embroidery kind of foot but, better, a foot without engraves on its bottom!).

Go try it, then thank her: no more lightweight slippery fabric headaches!

Serger Pepper - Craftsy class Review - Sew Quicker, quicker, quickest! Perfect seams setting the right stitch length, regular foot, needle

How to tape a shoulder seam in a jiff

Another great tip she’s sharing is all about taping shoulder seams in a quick way.
She shows how to use a cheap 1/8″ narrow ribbon you can buy in bobbins and thread trough the front hole in your serger foot to sew, finish and stabilize your next knit top shoulders: just plain brilliant!

Serger Pepper - Craftsy class Review - Sew Quicker, quicker, quickest! Add tape to a shoulder seam with a serger

Elastic waistbands that look like they’re tailored

Let’s talk about elastic waistbands: I don’t know you, but I don’t like the look of a regular elastic waistband on formal woven fabric skirts, with darts or pleats. At the same time, I don’t like traditional waistbands that don’t “give” anything: you can’t gain any weight or eat dinner without feeling them too tight.

This method Sue is showing has the best from both solutions: a formal-looking waistband with an elastic waistband relaxed fit.

It uses the stiff non-roll flat elastic as interfacing for the waistband portion, giving it the right amount of body while keeping it flexible: isn’t that genius? When you will look that class, you’ll be amazed by the hundreds of tips she’s stuffing in (I mean, I kept adding notes, just look at my screenshots, they’re full of records!), guiding you through all the sewing tutorial.

Serger Pepper - Review - Sew Quicker, quicker, quickest - Perfect elastic waistband

And these are only three pearls of wisdom, because I can’t give all of her work away for free… but I am helping you having it at half of the price but remember: you must have this class before the offer expires (3/22/16 @11:59pm MT)!

Grab your class at 50% off… it’s a steal!


I can’t wait to start watching her next class “Finishing Techniques for Savvy Sewers

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    I just got a serger and am interested in finding the best class for someone who knows NOTHING. What do you think? Thanks, Lodi

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