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Are you ready for a memorable round-up of more than 50 uses for your vintage bed sheets (or just plain old bed sheets)?

I have (almost) an obsession about re-using old bed sheets (and pillow covers, perfect for making bias tape, and duvet covers, coming in wonderful prints!), and I collect them from everywhere: thrifty shops (just warm wash them!), relatives’ and friends’ closets and sometimes I just buy them new, in the shops, just to use them as fabric.

Most of the old bed sheets I have found are made of 100% cotton so they are great to sew with. You might also find some made of a poly/cotton blend or knit fabric, but they’re less frequent to find here in Italy; I have found a few in fleece cotton, which was used years ago when houses were cold at night and no one had money to make them warmer.

 Serger Pepper - 50 things to know about repurposing old vintage bed sheets


Are you more into refashioning jeans? Check this out!

Here are a few projects you might love to

Repurposing old bed sheets

Here are a few of my favorite ones, you can dig in the rest of the 100+ tutorials and inspirational posts I’ve collected for you (let’s face it… for me too, since I’m a bed sheet hoarder!) on my Pinterest board. I will go on piling on new tutorials and ideas to help you use up all those awesome vintage sheets. I could also use some help! Please ask to join this board, as a contributor… just follow me and drop me a line at info ATsergerpepper.com, including your Pinterest email and the board(s) you want to join (I have several group boards, like the Refashion Obsession)!

Just in case you’re not following me there, please do that now… I’m a Pinterest addicted too so I’m always sharing good sewing (but not only) stuff out there!

Serger Pepper - Ainslee Fox - Archie Shirt - One thimble 6 - red buttonholes

Clothing made repurposing old bed sheets

  1. How to repurpose a vintage sheet into a spring dress
  2. Zest & Dusk Dress and Cardigan from vintage sheets and knit
  3. Sew a pillowcase top
  4. Vintage sheets to vintage dress
  5. Elven cape from old bed sheets
  6. Repurposing old bed sheets for your house
  7. Shorts from bed sheets scraps
  8. Pajama pants from monster pillowcase
  9. Lace + bed sheet scarf
  10. Star Wars pin-up style dress
  11. Vintage sheet robe
  12. The Archie Shirt (colorblocked)
  13. Skirts and cap-sleeved spring dresses
  14. Yellow flower tunic
  15. Empire-line sashed dress
  16. Pleated skirt with a bow
  17. Vintage pleated dress
  18. Bed sheets to maxy dress
  19. High-waisted tank dress
  20. Cloth menstrual pads (can they be considered clothing?)
  21. Bloomers and blouse for little girls
  22. Retro dress from striped bed sheets
  23. Super simple high-waisted tank dress
  24. Colorblocked kids pjs
  25. Everyday blouse from two pillowcases
  26. Lining for the Black cat Hat (FREE Pattern)


No-sew projects, repurposing old bed sheets

  1. Instant no-sew window treatment
  2. Crocheted rag rugHow to tie-die sheets

sergerpepper - pressing tools DIY - sausage roll FREE pattern (1)

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Re-use those bed sheets to create accessories

  1. Kitchen towel dress-hanger
  2. The travel sewing caddy (FREE pattern)
  3. Turn a flat sheet into a bed skirt
  4. Vintage sheet shower curtain
  5. Stuffed animal chair
  6. Vintage sheet Cocktail napkins
  7. Make a tote in 5 steps
  8. How to sew a speedy blanket in 7 steps (affiliate link)
  9. Double-sided placemats (+ how to use the adjustable binding foot)
  10. Pressing tools DIY (tailor’s ham, sleeve roll and glove)
  11. Reversible & foldable market bag
  12. Curtains from a bed skirt
  13. Basic lined zipper bag with tabs (affiliate link)
  14. Bag linings
  15. Turn flat bed sheets into fitted sheets (affiliate link)

serger-pepper-4-craftsy-how-to-sew-an-easy-zipper-pouch-a-beginner-friendly-tutorialTips and tricks that will help you repurposing old bed sheets

  1. Vintage sheets from estate sales
  2. Sewing with vintage sheets
  3. 15 bias candies
  4. 22 ways to repurpose old bed sheets
  5. Vintage sheet storage
  6. How to remove body oil stains from bed sheets


So here are 50 of my favorite ones, don’t forget to check out the other 128 (and growing) pins on my Pinterest Group Board called “How to repurpose old and/or vintage bed sheets“and joim the fun! Pin with me!

Ready to repurpose all those bed sheets? Let’s go!