Some of you asked about the ruffled leggings LilPotato was wearing under the Eriqua dress (FREE pattern delivered to all newsletter subscriber’s email): there they are! You can self-draft them from a pair of existing leggings (right size or smaller,  it’s easy to make them bigger/longer!) and I’m sharing a tutorial about sewing them literally from scratch!

It’s a refashion… check all our inspiration here on Pinterest and join us!

PS: I'm including a bonus tip for using all those pieces of fabrics not long enough ...

read more and you’ll know how frugal am I!

Ruffled Leggings

Serger Pepper - Ruffled Leggings - tutorial

What you need:

  1. a couple of old t-shirts in contrasting (or matching colors)
  2. elastic for the waistband (I like the 2 cm height stuff, long as your daughter/model’s waist)
  3. thread, scissors, sewing machine
  4. a pair of existing leggings (right size or slightly small/short, it’s not a problem!) – and the red with bears ones you see are handmade from me!

Let’s go: First of all you have to outline your leggings on t-shirt fabric fold in half (you need the most stretchy direction horizontally or you’ll end with non-wearable leggings –> not good!). You’ll have two pieces (one for each leg) and no lateral seams: it’s the simplest and fastest kind of leggings you can sew!

Tip: stretch the elastic on the waistband as you draw, to have the exact width of the waistband, not the stretched one ;)

Serger Pepper - Ruffled Leggings - drafting

As you can see, my fabric wasn’t long enough so I cheated just a little… follow me!

Notice that I put my leggings leaving out the waistband on top and the hem on bottom (consider that the red ones were just a little short – my daughter is growing up!!!)   I added a piece of t-shirt on bottom (keeping the original hem – I don’t have a coverstitch machine, so I try to keep original hems as soon as I can!); from my Mod Dress I had some violet t-shirt fabrics left, so I cut stripes 3 cm height, long 2 times the leg hem (more or less).

Serger Pepper - Ruffled Leggings - cut first piece

Then sew the main fabrics to the hemmed one, Right Sides Facing (Now: RSF):

Serger Pepper - Ruffled Leggings - cut hemmed

Consider doing all two legs 😉 then press seam allowances

Serger Pepper - Ruffled Leggings - sew together

Now, the ruffles! Let’s machine baste along the middle of each ruffle-to-be strip (use your longest stitch and no tension at all, then simply pull your bobbin thread until you reach desired length!)

Tip: use different color thread and leave bobbin tail longer... It will be easier to pull the right one and then to pull of the basting later!

Serger Pepper - Ruffled Leggings - create ruffles   Serger Pepper - Ruffled Leggings - place ruffles

Pin each strip in place, right above the seam you made between main leggings piece and the bottom hem, so you’ll hide it!

Serger Pepper - Ruffled Leggings - tutorial pin ruffles

Pin, pin, pin:

Serger Pepper - Ruffled Leggings - pin pin pin

Now sew right next to the basted seam (not above it!), so you can easily remove the basting without breaking your sewing thread 😉

Serger Pepper - Ruffled Leggings - sew ruffle

Now put your legging’s legs one above the other, RSF, and sew crotches, front and back separately. I use a triple stitch here, just to be “sure” my little earthquake called LilPotato won’t end showing her (cute) underwear! Then I add on top a 4-thread secure stitch with my serger… because I know my chicken!

Serger Pepper - Ruffled Leggings - sew crotches

Serger Pepper - Ruffled Leggings - serge seam allowances

Fold them on the other side and sew inside legs, starting from an ankle, ending to the other.

Serger Pepper - Ruffled Leggings - sew legs

Turn inside out:

Serger Pepper - Ruffled Leggings - turn inside out

Yeah, looking good!!

Now, the waistband.

Measure your model’s waist and cut a piece of elastic long of the same length, overlap it on  his ends and secure it with “some” stitch:

Serger Pepper - Ruffled Leggings - close elastic

Cut one last strip of t-shirt fabric, long as your leggings waist (plus a couple of cm) and height 2,5 times your elastic height (mine is 2+2+1=5 cm) and close it as a circle, sewing the low sides together, RSF.

Serge one of the long sides and pin (the sew) the other one to the waist, RSF.

Serger Pepper - Ruffled Leggings - add waistband

Now put the elastic inside his casing

Serger Pepper - Ruffled Leggings - elastic inside the casing

Fold the waistband around the elastic and pin it along the existing waist seam

Serger Pepper - Ruffled Leggings - close the casing

Stitch in the ditch and… you’re done!

Enjoy this self-portrait my 4-and-a-half sweet daughter made… she’s learning to use the camera and the macro function… not that bad, agree?

Serger Pepper - Ruffled Leggings - self-portrait