Some months ago I was so lucky to be chosen to be a tester for Thread Theory: the only indie company I’ve seen around For Men Only!

Under this label you can find Morgan and Matt, a nice couple of Canadians – read something about them:

Morgan Meredith

Morgan is a sewing fanatic with a background in history and fashion design. She is thrilled to be living the dream of sewing for a living and encouraging others to pick up the re-emerging skill and art form as well. Morgan loves a rainy west coast hike to an ocean viewpoint, a steaming mug of herbal tea, and scrolling through the infinite abyss of inspiring sewing projects and witty blogs.

Matthew Meredith

Matthew is a photographer, computer nerd, compulsive tool organizer, and ideas-man. He is thrilled to own a business that puts his wide variety of skills to good use. Matt loves meandering photo-walks, DIY everything, endless hours of research, and the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from balancing the Thread Theory books.

On their site, they have a great (and growing) range of patterns:

Newcastle Cardigan, Jedediah Pants, Strathcona Henley, Goldstream Peacoat and those wonderful Comox Trunks!

I’d suggest you to take a look, because they’re one better than the other 😉

They sell PDF patterns, Tissue ones and also some nice sewing supplies, like labels and a great kit (perfect for beginners) including everything you need for creating your own

Comox Trunks!

Check also their Pinterest board, with some others versions (there’s a super hero themed one too!)

And there are my (well… hubby’s) Comox Trunks… oh, just one side thinking: I haven’t been able to make him modeling these ones… can you figure why he doesn’t want to be in my blog wearing only boxers? … men!

I’ve added a contrasting binding (refashioned from an old T-shirt, the same I used for Jack’O Pin Me – my Halloween PinCushion, remember?), just to have some fun, and a contrasting white elastic… because I was waiting for my black one to come from the UK!

Yes, I buy my elastics from the UK because they cost a fraction of what I pay them in Italy (= an arm and a leg)!

Just a side not: due to the fact that they’re a small garment, it could be a great way to refashion some old T-shirts! But check that they have a Lycra (or spandex) content, because this pattern asks for it!

TIP:If you’d be tempted to sew them but you’re scared for sewing with knits, start reading my 30 best tips about it!

Serger Pepper - Pattern testing - Thread Theory - Comox Trunks

Here you can see the back: just like RTW ones, Comox Trunks don’t have side seams!

Serger Pepper - Pattern testing - Thread Theory - Comox Trunks - back

And here’s where I added a row of topstitching, on crotch seam… it was looking like it was going to be… umh… itchy!

Serger Pepper - Pattern testing - Thread Theory - Comox Trunks - topstitching detailI have to say that hubby loves those trunks!

By sheer coincidence, just the week before Thread Theory sent out Comox Trunks for testing, I draw a pattern for my version of trunks (that is really different, they are completely closed in front – my model says he likes them more closed… and I have to believe to him, I can’t judge myself LOL)… I’ll share mine too, soon 😉

Serger Pepper - Pattern testing - Thread Theory - Comox Trunks - front binding detailAnd what about you?

Do you ever sew for men in your life?

That’s all for today!
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