Here’s today’s refashion frugal tip, just to show you how easy is to create an habit to refashion (reuse, recycle, updo, call it as you want!) used garments.

We’ll add a little tip every sunday, usually a relax day, so you can add it to your sewing routine and, by the end of this month, you’ll be more prone to refashion!

 Refashion: it’s all in the details!

When a garment is too much worn and the fabric is becoming shiny and thin, there’s no more to do with it than:

  • use it as a duster
  • throw it away

In both of these situations, there’s one more step to add as a good habit for a refashionista: cut off all those embellishments/functional little details still in good shape.

Serger Pepper - Refashion Frugal Tip - All in details

I’ll give you a (non complete) list:

  • buttons
  • button plackets
  • zippers (check that they’re working, first… unstitch a zipper out of order isn’t a desirable experience)
  • pockets
  • studs
  • belts
  • belt buckles
  • clasps
  • T-shirt sleeves
  • rib knit cuffs
  • cuff and leg of a sock (easy cuffs already sewn in circle also if the sock has toe-holes)
  • …..

The trick to make this list grow is to shop for details, and not for the whole garment: if you have a thrifty shop where you live, you certainly have noticed that often pre-loved clothes they sells are… weird shaped!

Look at them thinking how to reuse details, instead o looking at the big picture: you can always keep the fabric to sew something small(er) and embody some nice detail into your next refashion project!

If you don’t have a thrifty shop near you, you can always shop your closet (or your relative’s – but ask for permission!): it always happens to me to buy clothes because I like a detail but they don’t look good on me… and they often end gathering dust in my closed, waiting for a refashion that never comes… this is the right time to take them off their hanger and make them shine!

Today’s task:

Find at least one garment you own and never wear, seek for its better detail and… try to see that same detail into a totally different piece of clothing:

I know you can do it!